AP Automation in
Charity Organizations

Doing More with Less with AP Automation

Kefron AP streamlines the accounts payable process for charitable and non-profit organizations. By eliminating manual data entry across various systems, we free up hours that were previously spent on invoice processing. This empowers your dedicated staff to concentrate on mission-critical tasks and further the impact of your cause.

AP Automation with Kefron AP accelerates the invoice lifecycle, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters - making a difference!

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AP Automation Charity Non-profit Organizations

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Reduction in invoice processing time

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Paperless invoice process


Optimise your Invoice Processing Time

  • Save precious time
  • Enhance Visibility
  • Never lose an invoice
  • Engage your stakeholders
  • ERP Agnostic
  • Accurate Data

Eliminate Data Entry

By adopting an automated AP system, you’ll eradicate manual data entry. This not only minimizes errors but also reclaims precious weeks each month, allowing your charity organization to prioritize high-value tasks.

Real Time Visibility

Real-time insights into the accounts payable process allow charity organizations to pinpoint bottlenecks and areas for enhancement. This clarity drives increased efficiency and unveils potential cost-saving opportunities.

Digital Transformation

From hand-written to emailed invoices, AP Automation lets your charity organization keep track of cash flow in real-time so you can stay on top of your projects.

Improve Communication

Our combined email and comments feature promotes quick discussions with your internal teams for valuable insights and offers immediate communication with your suppliers. With no user license fees, we remove extra expenses, encouraging more stakeholders to join in for efficient problem resolution.

Powerful Connections

Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any finance system by simply exchanging information. Our system mirrors all the figured codes such as Suppliers, GLs, etc. in your finance system to ensure consistency in your transactions.

Consistent Data Quality

Inconsistent data quality can be a significant challenge for charity/non-profit organisations in accounts payable. This can lead to errors, delays and inefficiencies in the process.

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