If you demand immediate access to offsite records, our On-Demand storage solution is for you. With express search and retrieve for same day pick-up and delivery, you can maximise your workspace without compromising on document access.

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  • 100% Visibility
  • Always Available
  • Transparency
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Secure
  • Cost Control
  • Maximise Office Space

Cataloguing And Indexing

Receive real-time indexing, barcode tracking and cataloguing. From the moment we collect a file/box, it is individually barcoded and our secure tracking begins.

Express Delivery & Pickup

Request same day access to your records using our track and trace portal. All deliveries are made by Kefron drivers in Kefron vehicles only, which provide secure and safe transportation.

Viewing Rooms

Private access to sensitive records for authorised personnel only. We require approved authorisation in advance that the personnel on-site have permission to recall the items belonging to the business.

Full Auditability

Our GDPR-compliant services help with the secure management of PII and enable our customers to prove compliance through full auditability, avoiding penalties in the process.

Audit Trail

A barcode technology records management system provides your company with a complete audit trail of your records and the ability to track the lifecycle of each record – from creation to destruction

Retention Scheduling

Save money by storing records off-site that are no longer required for day-to-day access, including duplicates and records beyond their retention period while enabling access digitally through our web portal.

Timely Destruction

Through records retention schedules, ensure the timely destruction of records when they have no further value to your organisation.

Data Security