We offer you two Secure Storage options for Deeds and other important documents. Our Vault storage for businesses such as a bank and our safekeep service for important personal documents.

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on site document storage



  • Secure
  • Fire Protection
  • Safely Preserves Deeds
  • Easy Retrieval
  • Digital Backup Copy
  • Chain of Custody

24-hour Monitoring

A Central Monitoring Station monitors our intruder alarm system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All entry points are fitted with alarm sensors and all emergency exits remain alarmed 24 hours a day

Firelock Vault

Unique to Ireland purpose-built rated 4-hour fire protection. As well as, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is zoned and provides the earliest possible warning of a potential fire.

Purpose Built Climate-Controlled Vaults

To preserve the longevity of all your deeds. All sites are inspected quarterly by qualified inspectors together with our Facilities Manager.

Same Day Access

We provide an online track & trace portal, viewing rooms & express delivery services to guarantee simple & fast access to your deeds fast.

Advance Scanning Service

Easily convert your physical data and documentation into a secure digitised format.

Controlled Access

One main entrance/exit with secure Keypad Access Control is CCTV monitored. Our Records Management system controls access to your high-value documents and provides a complete audit trail of all user activity.

Deed Storage - Secure


What is deed storage?

A specialised service focusing on the secure and organized storage of important legal documents, particularly property deeds, to protect them from damage, loss, or unauthorised access.

Why choose professional deed storage services?

These services offer enhanced security features, such as climate control and fire protection, ensuring the longevity and safety of critical legal documents.

What features should you look for in a deed storage provider?

Seek providers offering secure, accessible storage solutions, digital access options, and robust protection against environmental threats.

How does digitisation complement deed storage?

Digitisation offers a secure backup, making it easier to manage, retrieve, and share important documents electronically while preserving the original documents in a secure environment.

Can deed storage services accommodate both individual and business needs?

Yes, these services are designed to meet the diverse requirements of both individuals and businesses, providing scalable solutions to ensure the safekeeping of valuable legal documents.