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With a simple-to-use interface supported by dynamic data capture technology, Kefron AP eliminates manual effort and digitally transforms finance teams aiming for faster approvals and real-time reporting.

Plug our AP automation solution into your accounting or ERP tech stack and join the growing list of Accounts Payable automation specialists shifting from a reactive to a proactive process.

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Kefron AP - Invoice Automation Solution

The Right Invoice Automation Solution

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We dot the Ai with iQ for you

Kefron AP combines award-winning AI extraction technology with expert invoice specialists for seamless, touch-free accounts payable processing. By blending AI and human intelligence, Kefron bridges the gap between numbers and nuance for unmatched precision and reliability.

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Paper Invoices

Duplicate Invoices

Manual Entry

Delayed Approvals

AP Blind Spots


Dynamic Data Capture

2 and 3 way Matching

PO Flipping

Customisable Verification Rules

Supplier Statement Reconciliation


Unlimited user licenses

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Managed Service Support Team

Dashboard Analytics

ERP Integration


Over 90% reduction in processing time

Return on Investment in 12 months

Implement in only 9 days

100% Paperless

Dedicated support team

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PO Matching - AP Automation

2 or 3 Way PO Matching

An intuitive and powerful solution for easy PO processing and tracking.

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AP Automation

Automated non-PO matching

Robust process to the ad-hoc nature of Non-PO invoice processing.

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AP Automation - Dashboards

Invoice Analytics

A proactive solution to deliver real-time invoice data for better decision making.

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Supplier Portal - AP Automation

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Tool to empower your suppliers and streamline accounting process.

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Invoice Automation

Supplier Statement Reconciliation

An interactive add-on for error-free spend control.

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AP Automation

Intelligent Data Extraction

Using both Machine Learning and AI to capture specific data from an invoice for touch-free processing.

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Document Centre

A world where every invoice is at your fingertips, waiting to be actioned!

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ERP Integrations

Syncing with any finance system through simple information exchange.

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 Advanced List of Features

Why Automate?

  • Strengthen Supplier Relations
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Save Time And Costs
  • Prevent Fraudulent Activity
  • Reconcile Payments in Minutes
  • Connect your Finance System

Self-Service Portal

Our Self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoice requests and gain insight into invoice progress.

Suppliers can log-in to view progress of specific outstanding invoices, log or answer queries, and avoid having to make calls.

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Touchless invoice process

Our in-house Dynamic Data Capture technology provides exceptionally accurate data extraction for a touch free payment process that makes AP Invoice Automation solution a no-brainer.

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Return on Investment

Kefron AP offers a simple volume-based price plan for unlimited users so hitting a real ROI is achievable within months.

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Custom Workflows

Receive in-app notifications of discrepancies unique to your business including missing information for stringent verification.

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Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Digitally cross-reference payments and statements on-screen to easily and quickly minimise payment errors.

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ERP Integration

With full integration to a range of accounting systems, you can be sure that your finance tech stack works in harmony for efficient payments.

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Invoice Automation: Beyond The Sales Pitch

Truth Invoice Automation Solution

Look beyond the polished sales pitch and uncover the hidden realities of invoice automation software. Arm yourself with the truth and make an informed decision your business.

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