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Kefron’s job is to take care of our clients’ document storage and records management problems so they can get on with what they do best.

We take our job very seriously and with over 950 customers who would recommend us, we think we do document archiving better than anyone in Ireland.

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Our Document Storage Service Includes

Storage - Box

Box Supply

We can provide all your storage equipment needs including custom designed file storage boxes providing a seven year durability guarantee.

Storage - Van Delivery

Retrieval & Deliveries

We will facilitate customer requests for items for collection for storage and for delivery from storage to one or multiple locations.

Storage - Online Access

Online Management

We manage documents and information stored in our Records Centre with our online service Oneil Order. This gives you direct access from your own desktop.


Audit & Project Work

Our goal is to always remain flexible and continually review and assess our service offerings to ensure we meet the changing needs of the customer.


Viewing Rooms

We have a number of dedicated viewing rooms available for customers wishing to perform an audit of material stored off-site or access large volumes of records without requesting a bulk delivery.



We ensure all document destruction is completed on-site at our customer’s premises or direct from our Records Centre via our on-board shredding trucks, which are fitted with industrial shredders.

Member of The Association for Intelligent Information Management

As a member of AIIM International, Kefron gains exclusive access to invaluable resources in Automation, Security, Governance, and Analytics. We leverage this expertise to offer our customers advanced, business-enhancing solutions.

Aiim - Document scanning guide

Benefits of our storage and documents solutions

  • Peace of Mind
  • Flexibility
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Access you control
  • Access Anytime
  • Futureproof Your Information
  • Security & Protection

24-Hour Monitoring

Your documents will always be secure thanks to 24hr monitoring, multilayer protocols and secure transport fleet.

Long-Term Or On-Demand Retrieval

Supported by our online document management system allowing you controlled access your documents whenever you need them.

Secure Management

of GDPR-sensitive records and timely destruction when they are no longer of value to your organisation. Our services help with the secure management of PII and enable our customers to prove compliance through full audibility, avoiding penalties in the process.

Auditable Chain Of Custody

Ensuring only the right people handle your information at the right time.

Online Track And Trace Portal

Viewing rooms and express delivery provides access to your information fast.

Climate Controlled Vaults

Including media storage to maintain the quality of your backup tapes.

Continuous Improvements

At Kefron, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the security and protection of our infrastructure, encompassing both our physical and digital services. We continuously engage in strategic investment decisions aimed at safeguarding our resources, data, and customer information.

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What is document storage?

It involves securely storing physical documents off-site to manage space efficiently and ensure data protection compliance.

Why is records management important?

It ensures that important documents, such as financial records and client data, are organized, accessible, and secure, complying with legal and business requirements.

How can a company ensure document security?

By using services that offer secure transport, monitored storage environments, and GDPR-compliant management practices.

What are the advantages of outsourcing document storage?

Outsourcing provides expertise in document handling, saves space, ensures data protection compliance, and offers secure and easy access to documents.

What should businesses look for in a document storage provider?

Look for flexibility, comprehensive services (from storage to destruction), secure facilities, and experience in handling sensitive information.