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The Numbers

Founded in 2006

120 Employees

100 invoices per month

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Pancreatic Cancer UK’s finance team faced significant accounts payable processing challenges including misplaced and miscoded invoices. The pandemic added pressure on an already buckling process which led to a doubling in invoice processing time.  The decision was taken to look for a solution to help manage invoice processing and approval that was straightforward to implement, and that could integrate with their accounting solution, Infor SunSystems.


Since going live in February 2020, Kefron automates on average 100 invoices per month. All invoices are sent directly to Kefron AP by suppliers and staff where they are dynamically data captured, allocated a code and forwarded to the right approver via integration with Infor SunSystem.




Kefron eliminated the time consuming manual processes experienced by the finance team which decreased errors, resulting in no more miscoded or missing invoices. Kefron AP has also given Pancreatic Cancer UK the staff expenses process end to end which was an unexpected improvement which was not in the initial scope of the project.

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