Document Scanning & Capture Solutions

Digitally capture your documents, GDPR sensitive data, or other data to drive business processes and support compliance

Electronic Content Management Systems

The latest technology to electronically manage business-critical data – including personally identifiable information

Accounts Payable Automation Solution

Our simple Accounts Payable Automation solution digitises invoices for easier approval processing and record keeping

We make your life easier and your business more cost efficient, enabling you to focus on what you do best. We go further to create efficiencies.


We work closely with customers to enable them to achieve real results for compliant and organised Document Management

Purpose built Record Centres with the latest fire safety and security systems in place.

Simple and smart solutions using secure technology, designed around our customer requirements.

Four ISO Certificates and robust operating procedures are testament to our commitment to quality.

We are proud of what we have achieved for our customers and they’ll be happy to let you know too!

Always bringing leading edge solutions for our customers in the world of Document and Information Management

The document lifecycle is the sequence of stages that a document goes through from creation to archival or destruction.  By understanding how your business manages information against the document lifecycle our team can advise how to take the pain out of paper, simplify workflows and maximise business agility.  


A simple and easy-to-install system to automate your accounts payable process. Kefron AP ensures up to 90% of invoices are delivered to you touch-free for coding and validation, saving you time, money and effort.


Smart technology that identifies and captures documents and data including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and converts it to a digital format of your choice.


Securely store your hardcopy records, documents and media tapes in our state of the art records management centres, with a complete track & trace and retrievals service. We also audit records to capture Personally Identifiable Information (PII), removing the headache of GDPR compliance and helping you to avoid costly errors.


Electronic Content Management (ECM) software solution that helps improve how customers find, share and manage documents and other data. ECM ensures that access to GDPR sensitive data can be controlled and information can become readily available.


Kefron DM is our out of the box Document Management solution which securely captures and hosts digital images and documents with the ability to extract data enabling faster access to your documentation for easier processing and record keeping.


Fully automated, streamlines the managing of employee leave including all types of leave such as holiday, sickness, study, maternity and more. Easy to use and intuitive for any number of requesters and approvers to manage leave by team, department or location.

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