Kefron AP offers simple AP integration, effortlessly syncing with any finance system through simple information exchange.

Avoid redundant data entry by automatically syncing essential elements such as supplier lists, codes, cost analysis variables like GL codes and tax, as well as purchase order and GRN data. Experience a touchless invoice approval process through this comprehensive AP integration.

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Two-Way Syncing

Kefron AP is designed to create a powerful two-way flow with your finance system. Processing your invoices within minutes of arriving and making sure that only clean, validated data is populated in your finance system.

API Connection

Kefron AP provides a full and flexible API connection for integration with third-party finance systems. Extensive API access automates data exchange between your systems, so you are always presented with precise data.

Flat File Exchange

Kefron AP also offers a simple Flat File integration through files transfer such as XML, CSV and other flat file formats. FTP is a way to transfer large amounts of data between two systems.

Works with any ERP System

Kefron AP delivers direct integration with all ERP or finance management systems for a streamlined AP workflow. With full integration to a range of accounting systems, you can be sure that your finance tech stack works in harmony for efficient payments.

2 way sync - AP Integration
Invoice Automation - AP Integration
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Invoice Automation - AP Integration

Where AP Integration comes in

  • Reduce Manual Input
  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Improved Visibility & Control
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Duplicate Checking

The automatic upload of invoice information will free up your accounts team’s time and allow them to focus on other challenges.

The impact of data capture and workflow brought about through our Kefron AP Software can improve your processing time by as much as 80% and decrease costs by 67%.

Data capture automation eliminates the manual keying of information from the process and in doing so significantly decreases errors associated with human touch points.

Kefron AP System provides complete and instant visibility to anyone authorised to view it. This increased visibility drives accountability and provides greater control of the AP process.

Kefron AP comes with built-in AP Analytics Dashboards, a proactive solution to delivering real-time invoice data for better decision making. Any captured data can be reported upon.

Kefron AP will alert you to any duplicate invoices that you may receive, ensuring your AP team wastes no time in processing the same invoice. The system automatically filters duplicates from your work queue so you don’t have to.

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