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Purpose Built Document Management Solution

How an adoption authority transitioned to a more digital way of working


Transition to Digital Office


Being the designated custodian of all adoption files and records, as well as other relevant documentation, nationally, the Adoption Authority of Ireland (AAI) is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of such records which need to be available for search by the relevant users.

The AAI needed to source a scan and capture partner to scan and index all adoption files and provide access via a searchable electronic database.

How an adoption authority transitioned to a more digital way of working

Digital Office Solution

Kefron applied an experienced team of capture technicians to work on site at the Adoption Authority’s office in Dublin.

The project included applying a central database to track the activity at record level to ensure traceability, and maintain an audit trail for chain of custody and record governance purposes. Kefron provided their own specialist high volume and overhead hardware and software to accommodate the precious bound nature and varying physical formats of some of the records, as well as ensure accurate and best representation of the physical records.

Individual records were catalogued with all pages paginated and scanned to a baseline standard approved and end to end tested to the final repository, Docuware. As an intermediary step and to aid in screen indexation, Kefron uploaded and hosted the digital database onto the Kefron DM Portal, our hosted, purpose-built Document Management solution.


The managed service spanned twelve months at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and the project was a huge success, delivering an accurate digital output of the records to the Authority as per scope, on budget and on time.

Close communication and project management over the period of the contract ensured both Kefron and the Adoption Authority of Ireland expectations were aligned as teh project progressed. All exceptions were recorded and followed through to ensure comprehensive management at a record level.

On completion of the project, the Adoption Authority was presented with a comprehensive and fully searchable electronic database in their day to day BI tool, Docuware, which gives them full and secure access to all adoption records and gives them peace of mind that the central source of information for all users is reliable and comprehensive.

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