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90,000 documents processed per annum

Transportation Industry

Based in Ireland

CLH Ireland - document management services



The fuel transportation sector is highly paper intensive. Managing the supply and delivery of fuel shipments at one of Europe’s busiest airports ensures that the volume of documentation that CLH Aviation Ireland deals with on a daily basis is significant.

CLH needed a strict turnaround and the ability to work with their IT systems in Spain and for the successful supplier to really appreciate the importance of getting the classification right as the contents were not only critical to the business processes but were also associated with high-value payments.

Scanning and Data Capture - Kefron


Combining workflow design capabilities, advanced capture technology, and in-house document handling and processing skills, Kefron could provide a complete end-to-end
document processing service for CLH.

Kefron converts supply and delivery documentation into a digital format, which would then be viewable by both the CLH team in Ireland and in Spain. Kefron uses OCR technology to facilitate word searches to find specific key phrases within that document. This means that Kefron can scan all the key information and index the data against specific classifications that CLH had outlined in their requirements.

Additionally, Kefron stores the physical copies of the documents off-site at one of Kefron’s three records management centres.

5 Critical Change Events that Demand Automation


The main benefit is the peace of mind CLH now has, knowing that their key assets are being held securely. While CHL has instant access to their digital documents, should CLH ever require particular documents in hard copy, they know they can have the documents brought to their offices within 24 hours of making a request via the Kefron logistics team.

Storing the documents off-site has also freed up much-needed space in their offices, another huge advantage.

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