Document Scanning Services

When you think of document scanning, what images come to mind? Perhaps temperamental printers and digital copies that don't quite hit the mark? Forget those old notions. The world of scanning services has advanced tremendously, bringing with it a slew of sophisticated solutions.

At Kefron, we specialise in document scanning services, offering our expertise in capturing and digitising documents to navigate you through the intricacies of modern scanning.

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Document Scanning Services

What is Document Scanning?

Document Scanning Services

The definition of the word scanning has evolved over the years from simple carbon copies to comprehensive digital files in the cloud.

Today, scanning services encompass so much more; all of which can be achieved here at Kefron to the highest standard. Organisations can utilise one, some, or all these options. This is entirely dependent on your needs.

Document Scanning Services Include

Scan to Process

Scan to process creates digital document versions for enhanced accessibility, text searchability with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and heightened security.

Book Scanning

Books can be cumbersome and take up much needed space. Scanning books without damaging the original material can be difficult without experience. Using a professional document scanning service will ensure you are getting the best quality both for the soft and hard copy.

Electronic Document Management

Organise soft copies efficiently through an electronic document management solution (EDMS). EDMS offer enhanced security and searchability with instantaneous access from any device with internet access.

Digital Mailroom

Streamline mail processing by setting up a digital mailroom, enhancing security and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced mail. Your team won’t have to waste time opening and sorting through physical mail.

On-Site Scanning

Nervous about documents being brought offsite for scanning? Many professional document scanning services providers can perform scanning in your business and bring the facilities or people needed. Or offer advice if preferred!

Scanning Documents - Popular Use Cases

Starting a document scanning services project can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. From our experience, the most common document scanning projects include:


HR Files

HR files are at the heart of any organisation and must be retained for 3 to 7 years. They contain vital information including performance and training tracking, employee, and payment information. Keeping a scanned copy of these files ensures they’ll never be lost.

Finance Document

Finance Documents

Finance records must be retained for a minimum of 6 years for auditing and tax purposes. Making these documents digital through our scanning services means that your financial information is at your fingertips, making understanding your cash flow and passing audits a breeze.

Client Document

Client / Customer Information

To comply with GDPR and other applicable legislation you must maintain your customer information in the correct way for the right amount of time. Making them digital with document scanning services allows you to set retention dates and ensure that sensitive information isn’t seen by the wrong person.

Digitalisation Stories

  • Cost Savings
  • Efficiency
  • Accesibility
  • Security
  • Paperless
  • Growth


“Kefron’s solution has really helped us in its strategy to digitalise internal processes. The cost-effective solution has allowed us to refocus resources on to value adding activities that can really make a difference to our customers!”

Citron Hygiene UK

“We had a bulk of HR files that needed to be scanned and uploaded to our Document Management system across multiple sites. Promptly all files were collected, scanned,
named, and made available to upload. I cannot recommend Kefron enough for their service.”

Surrey Police

“I was happy to see the level of care and attention that Kefron gave to each document. Being able to access the information from multiple locations is a huge plus for us.”

Adoption Authority of Ireland

“Kefron were a dream to work with from start to finish. It was clear straight away the level of care and detail that was being taken with our irreplaceable records which gave us great peace of mind.”

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Tesco Ireland

“Knock-on benefits in terms of efficiency because to go to a filing cabinet, find a document, consult it, and then put it back all takes time. With the new system, you just type in what you’re looking for and it just pops up on your screen – it’s so easy!”

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CLH Aviation Ireland

“Having our document management services managed externally allows us to focus on our plans to continue growing the company.”

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Where to Start with Document Scanning?

Scanning documents Myth vs Reality

Let us guide you to a tailor-made strategy that streamlines your document management process, unlocks potential cost savings, and enhances overall efficiency. Discover a custom solution perfectly suited for your business needs.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Document Scanning Services

Of course, before starting any project you must consider the cost and whether it’s worth outsourcing or keeping the project in house. The pricing varies from project to project. Nevertheless, they will all take the following into consideration when it comes to document scanning services


The project’s timeline is a key factor in determining costs. Experienced scanning services teams can accelerate data capture, saving time and money. Longer, more complex projects might increase the timeframe and cost.


The volume of documents to be scanned directly affects the cost. Bulk document scanning can often attract discounts, making large-scale scanning services more cost-effective.

Location & Condition

The accessibility and state of your documents play a significant role. Difficult-to-access or delicate documents may require specialized handling, impacting the cost of document scanning services.

Preparation & Facilities

Preparing documents and the quality of scanning facilities are essential for efficient document scanning. High-end equipment and thorough preparation can influence the project’s cost structure.

Unique Formats

Handling unique formats, such as oversized documents or fragile materials, requires expertise, potentially increasing the expense of scanning services.

Reassembly & Indexing

The process of reassembling physical documents and indexing digital files can vary in complexity, affecting the pricing of document scanning services.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control is integral to document scanning, ensuring the highest standard of digitization, which can factor into the overall cost.

Data Delivery

The method of delivering scanned data, whether via secure electronic means or physical media, plays a part in the costing of scanning services.

Document Scanning Providers

Before selecting a vendor for document scanning services, it’s important to do your research. Creating a shortlist can be an overwhelming task with the number of scanning bureaus out there. Though there are many factors to consider, the most important in our opinion is the company’s experience, facilities, and compliance.



A professional scanning bureau will have a team dedicated to document scanning and will perform the project in an efficient manner.



Professional scanning bureaus will all have high-quality scanners and relevant software to ensure your softcopies are of the highest quality.

Compliance Scanning


Compliance with GDPR, legislation, and other requirements is a crucial aspect of document scanning services.


What types of documents can be scanned?

We can scan a wide range of documents, including HR files, financial records, books, and client/customer information. Our services are versatile enough to handle various document types and sizes.

How do you ensure the quality of scanned documents?

We employ rigorous quality control procedures and use state-of-the-art scanners to ensure high-resolution, clear digital copies. Our process includes multiple checks for accuracy and clarity.

What happens to my physical documents after scanning?

Post-scanning, you can choose to have your documents returned, securely stored, or safely destroyed. We offer flexible options to suit your post-project needs.

How can I get a quote for my scanning project?

You can contact us with the details of your project, including the type and volume of documents, and we will provide you with a customised quote based on your specific needs.

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