Unlock Efficiency with Automated Invoice Processing

Data Extraction Optimisation Service

Extraction Specialists

With our extraction optimisation service, included at no extra cost, our automated invoice processing ensures your staff avoid correcting errors.

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Dynamic Data Capture

Our in-house technology extracts data with up to 99% accuracy, with exceptions handled by our Data Extraction Team.

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Multilingual Extraction

Dynamic Data Capture supports global operations with the ability to extract data in up to 100 languages.

Invoice Management and Automation

Intelligent Document Recognition

Is it a credit note? Is it an invoice? No, it’s manual work that AI can do for you so you only need one centralised address for AP Automation.

Automatic Invoice Routing and Capture

With Kefron AP, effortlessly allocate and segregate work by directing documents via unique identifiers like branch, area, and entity.


Overcome global VAT reporting challenges with our Automated Invoice Processing and e-invoicing solution for streamlined regulatory compliance.

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User Interface and Accessibility

Unlimited Document Formats

Capture all invoices efficiently and accurately with Kefron AP, regardless of file type, thanks to our Autoconvert feature.

Unlimited Users

Enhance collaboration with Kefron AP by providing customised access to all stakeholders like suppliers, approvers, staff, and management.


Kefron AP’s Intelligent Keyword Lookup makes all processed documents searchable, allowing easy reference by brand, product type, quantity.

Workflow Customisation and Control

Approval Workflows

Automate invoice approvals with Kefron AP, complete with reports showing approval times to target areas for continuous improvement.

Custom Workflows

Kefron AP adapts to your needs, offering custom flows to support your unique requirements, making new technology adoption less daunting.


Kefron AP enhances automated invoice processing by integrating with your finance solution, offering custom integrations or pre-built ERP system connectors.

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Invoice and Supplier Management

Supplier Self-Service

Kefron AP’s self-service portal streamlines supplier queries, offering invoice progress visibility and automated responses for missing POs.

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Supplier Management

Use Kefron AP to create email templates for quick messaging or utilise our chat tool for communication with all stakeholders

Automated Reconciliation

Automated Supplier Statement Reconciliation in Kefron AP aligns supplier statements with invoices, saving time and promoting best practices.

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Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Module

Kefron AP’s dynamic Purchase Order Generation allows direct PO initiation, elevating cost management and eliminating the need for external ERPs.

PO Match

Kefron AP ensures seamless matching with Intelligent PO Synchronization, syncing order details directly from your ERP or using its own PO module.

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Coding Automation

Minimise coding time with Kefron AP’s flexible coding system, featuring automatic application, AI memory, and ERP system synchronisation.

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Communication and Collaboration

Query Collaboration

Collaborative Invoice Query Management allows direct queries on digital invoices, with chat for stakeholder engagement.


Kefron AP triggers automatic messages and reminders based on action taken or specified time limit expiry, ensuring timely follow-ups.

Dedicated Mail Box

Working with paper invoices? Kefron AP allows direct email of scanned documents for swift processing, making the transition easier.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Invoice Analytics Dashboards

Access accurate, real-time information with Dynamic Analytics Dashboards, offering standard and custom reports on processes and liabilities.

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Invoice QuickLink

Enable rapid query resolution by allowing users and suppliers to access invoices via a shared link, eliminating manual processes.

Cloud Enabled

Our sulution offers remote access, allowing authorised users to access invoices anytime, anywhere, enabling efficient collaboration.

Audit and Security

TimeStamp Audit Trail

Kefron AP auto time-stamps every action, providing a clear audit trail, enhancing accountability, and boosting trust in financial operations.

Duplicate/Fraud Prevention

3-step verification ensures data accuracy, validating and flagging invoice discrepancies to prevent fraudulent activities.

Simple Sign-In

Kefron AP’s Single Sign-On allows secure, seamless access to multiple applications with a one-time login.

International Support and Success Management

Implementation Consultant

Experienced Implementation Consultants guide software implementation, ensuring a smooth transition, efficient integration, and ROI.

Customer Success Manager

Count on our dedicated Customer Success Manager to maximise automated invoice processing value and help you achieve your business objectives.

Account Manager

Our dedicated Account Manager provides personalized support, guiding your business through seamless adoption of automation for maximum AP process efficiency.

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