Our Online Document Management solution offers you an easy and less expensive alternative for managing documentation like HR applications, finance, emails, tax file and more. It’s easy to search and retrieve whatever you’re looking for, and you will remain GDPR compliant.

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Online Document Management


  • Eliminate Data Silos
  • Instant Access
  • Audit-Ready Solution
  • Empower Compliance Capabilities
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Superior Document Security

Self Service Portal

Our Online Document Management solution organises everything based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one. This innovative approach offers simplicity, time savings and gains in productivity.

Document Track And Trace

The technology uniquely uses metadata, not folders. Metadata organises a document by ‘what it is’, not ‘where it is,’ like in a traditional folder system. This makes it intuitive for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Single View Of PII Stored Data

Simplifies GDPR compliance by helping organisations manage and control system and data processor information, policies and processes, and provides exceptional audit capabilities in the event of an audit or breach.

Automated Workflows

Whether it’s security & compliance, mobility, disaster recovery or workflow management, we can deliver the functionality and flexible licensing structure to support those requirements.

Single Source of Information

Permission control enables users to instantly access files from any device while ensuring version control and avoiding duplication of content.

Single Repository

Our systems and processes comply with ISO 27001 for information security management. This accreditation demonstrates our compliance with industry regulations including data protection, privacy and IT governance.

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