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As one of Ireland’s largest businesses, Tesco Ireland processes thousands of paper documents every week, ranging from supplier invoices to delivery dockets. All of this documentation needs to be scanned so that it can be accessed by the Tesco head office and other administration teams across the Tesco world.

For several years, the task of scanning Tesco Ireland’s documents was handled by Tesco’s subsidiary in Cardiff and every week a large number of boxes were posted from Dublin. However, in early 2007 Tesco Ireland had to look for an alternative supplier.

Tesco Store - office space


The solution proposed by Kefron involved placing a full-time scanning technician within Tesco’s head office in Dun Laoghaire, together with a high-throughput Bowe Bell + Howell duplex scanner, networked to a PC and server provided by Tesco. The technician scans between 35,000 and 40,000 documents per week and is assisted by Tesco employees who prepare the document to be scanned.

In addition to the full-time scanning operation, Kefron provides periodical bulk-scanning services to make inroads into the mountain of documents held on file at Tesco. In these cases, Kefron takes away boxes of files for scanning at its own scanning facility at Park West in Dublin.

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The primary aim of Tesco’s scanning initiative was to drastically cut down the volume of paper stored at their Dun Laoghaire headquarters, thereby optimizing office space usage. John Walsh reports that the system’s effectiveness and user-friendliness have sparked a considerable confidence surge within the business. Even the most paper-attached employees are beginning to appreciate and utilize the digital system.

Initially, the scanning service was confined to the Finance department. However, it didn’t take long for other business areas to recognize its immense value. Consequently, plans are underway to expand this office-space-saving digital transformation across the entire business.

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