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State of the art Record Centres to securely store your physical records


Our Document Storage service is ideal for customers in the UK and Ireland who want a fully managed off-site document storage and archiving solution.

We facilitate easy access to your information, while ensuring the highest level of security is maintained at all times. Talk to us today for help finding the right solution for your business.


Our 27 years of industry knowledge has enabled us to develop a document storage process that is simple, secure and customer focused:

  1. As a valued customer, you will have your own local dedicated account manager to oversee all of your document and data management requirements
  2. We arrive at your premises and remove any hard copy records or electronic information that require storage
  3. Then our state of the art barcoding ‘track and trace’ system takes over; this ensures a thorough audit trail is produced and the integrity of your documents is guaranteed
  4. Your information is securely transported to our purpose built Records Centre for long or short term storage
  5. Documents and data are catalogued against pre-agreed classifications, which provides a full inventory of your information. You can even recall by specific file
  6. Retention periods are captured against each item
  7. You have access to a full 24 hour retrieval and delivery service. We can also scan and email your documents if required



Our records management system provides complete transparency of your information and ensures compliance with your records management policies and industry regulations


It’s estimated that in a typical organisation, at least 20% of staff time is spent looking for information, ensure your staff are free to concentrate on doing the jobs that drive your business


When there are large amounts of unmanaged records and files, it is difficult for employees to locate the information they need to do their jobs


Decrease the likelihood of litigation losses, unfavourable audit findings or other penalties resulting from unauthorised destruction and missing documents


Drive business efficiency through improved processes for records and information management, we can give you access to key information when you need it


Save money by storing records off-site that are no longer required for day to day access, including duplicates and records beyond their retention period while enabling access to digitally through our web portal


Through records retention schedules, ensure the timely destruction of records when they have no further value to your organisation


Office space is a valuable commodity, by removing bulky filing cabinets and boxes you free up room. Enabling you to create effective office environments allowing your business to grow without having to invest in new premises.


The security of your documents is paramount to our service, which is why we have stringent security systems in place.
  • Barcode tracking of each item enables us to track the location and activity against each record
  • Our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking and automatic locking systems
  • Kefron Record Centres have 24 hour CCTV
  • Each Records Centre is fitted with Proximity Card Systems, where access can be restricted per location
  • Fire Safety systems are installed, including VESDA
  • Alarms are independently monitored and linked to emergency services
  • Vaults are 4 hour fire rated and have restricted access


    As a valued customer, you pay per month for the storage space occupied. This is an affordable solution that yields real cost savings for your business, with the efficient management of your records working to lower the cost of you doing business.


    We want to help you find the best solution to meet your document storage and management needs, whether that is physical or digital scanning. To find the right solution for your business, get in touch with our team today.

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