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We can provide all your storage equipment needs including custom designed file storage boxes providing a seven year durability guarantee.

Our range includes:

  • Standard boxes to optimise transport and handling as well as rack space usage
  • Jumbo boxes for continuous feed computer paper and lever arch files
  • Tube boxes for drawings and plan prints
  • Plastic Wallets for deeds
  • Bespoke boxes to suit your particular requirements


Using the world’s leading Records Management software RSSQL, you will receive real time indexing, barcode tracking and cataloguing. From the moment we collect a file/box, it is individually barcoded and our secure tracking begins.

This means you know exactly where your files/boxes are at all times.

Kefron will facilitate customer requests for items for collection for storage and for delivery from storage to one or multiple location. All deliveries will be made by Kefron drivers in Kefron vehicles only, which provide secure and safe transportation.

All vehicles are fully alarmed and equipped with:
  • Immobilizer, fire extinguisher and mobile phone
  • GPS tracking monitored by live link in head office
  • Slam locks on fleet that automatically lock the vehicle when the door is closed
  • Fully uniformed drivers carrying Employee Identification cards
  • All drivers are security vetted and have signed confidentiality agreements
  • All drivers are fully trained including health and safety, standard operating procedures and emergency breakdown procedures
  • Audit tracking of every item placed on the van against the retrieval request received and what is delivered
  • Printed receipt issued upon delivery to confirm all items delivered or collected against the original request and signed by an authorized representative
  • Tamper Seals can be applied to each box during transport


Kefron manages documents and information stored in our Records Centre with our online service Rsweb.net. This gives you direct access to key information, the ability to schedule deliveries, generate reports, order services or search our RSSQL database and print results from your own desktop.

RsWeb.net is an online facility for customers to retrieve and manage documents and data that are stored off-site in our Records Centre. RsWeb.net provides customers with fast, flexible and immediate access and control over their records, right when they need it.

Our customers can quickly:

  • Query our RSSQL database
  • Order services and supplies
  • Schedule pickups and deliveries
  • Add new or existing inventory information
  • Generate reports and monitor the status of your files


At Kefron we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing a first class experience to all of our customers through our skilled and professional team.

Our goal is to always remain flexible and continually review and assess our service offerings to ensure we are building on and improving what we can do for our customers.

We take a partnership approach to tailoring our servicing, which means listening to our customers so that we can ensure we continue to provide bespoke services to meet the changing needs of the customer.

Kefron has worked with a number of our customers to provide a range of bespoke services such as:

  • File audits to retrospectively add retention dates and/or other information to meet compliance requirements such as Data Protection
  • Legacy scanning and hosting of files for instant access across multiple locations
  • Scan on demand retrieval of high activity files
  • Identification and centralisation of records and implementation of retention policy
  • Large volume transfers of boxes from incumbent off-site storage provider to Kefron Filestores Records Centre
  • Auditing and cleansing of database inventories to match physical inventories
  • Ongoing on-site bespoke services and support across a range of areas including document scanning, records management and storage, file processing and data entry


Many businesses now require Vault Storage solutions that provide an additional layer of security and sophisticated environmental conditions to ensure the longevity of important documentation. Our customers recognise that confidential documents such as deeds, HR files, legal contracts and medical records require an even greater level of security. Vault Storage is specifically suited for the secure storage of title deeds and all types of other important documentation which is critical to your organisation.

Our vaults include the following specifications:

  • 4 Hour Fire Vault Storage Protection
  • Argonite & FM200 Gas Fire Suppression Systems
  • High Density Racking
  • Secure Access Control
  • CCTV


Kefron Records Centre has a number of dedicated viewing rooms which are ideal for customers wishing to perform an audit of material stored off-site or alternatively access large volumes of records without requesting a bulk delivery.

Should a customer wish to review boxes and files at our premises, a viewing room will be made available to review documents and records. The room is booked in advance and can be rented by the hour or for a full day(s) depending on requirements.

The client simply needs to let us know the files/boxes/tapes to be reviewed and Kefron will organise to have the items available for review in the viewing room on the scheduled day(s).

The room can only be accessed with authorised secure proximity cards.

Kefron needs to be notified in advance of the personnel or contractors authorised by and representing the company that will be coming to view the material. We require approved authorisation in advance that the personnel on-site have permission to recall the items belonging to the business. All visitors must provide photographic identification upon arrival at site.

Tea/Coffee and refreshments are available for the staff.

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