Supplier Portal: Self-Service

Are you spending too much time dealing with supplier inquiries?

A self-service supplier portal can be a game-changer. The portal is built to streamline your accounting process, improve customer service and save time.

Strengthen your relationship with suppliers and bring long-term benefits to your business.

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Supplier Portal - AP Automation

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Discover how the supplier portal enables collaboration and boosts efficiency

Empower Your Suppliers

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Precise Data

Kefron AP self-service portal makes it easy for suppliers to submit invoices electronically. It leads to increased supplier adoption of electronic invoices, which translates to more efficient invoice processing in your organisation.

Improve Visibility

Authorised suppliers can log in to view the progress of specific outstanding invoices and log or answer queries. The self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoices and stay up to date without having to request and await confirmation on the status of their invoices.

Reduce Queries

Through Kefron AP and the Supplier Portal, your suppliers can monitor payment due dates and avoid having to make calls. By giving suppliers self-service access to their invoices and payment information, you can free up your staff's time to focus on more value-added activities.

E-Invoicing Adoption

The supplier portal allows suppliers to convert purchase orders that they receive from you to an electronic invoice. These invoices go through matching, verification and flow straight to your finance system.

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Streamline Supply with Supplier Portal

  • Access Control
  • Improve Communication
  • Accurate Data
  • Reduce Bottlenecks
  • Visibility & Turnaround

With Kefron AP Supplier Portal you are able to control the level of visibility your suppliers have. Customise and restrict access to suit your business needs.

The portal has integrated in-system messaging. Suppliers can log in to view the progress of specific outstanding invoices, log or answer queries and avoid having to make calls.

You no longer need to contact suppliers since the online supplier portal allows them to update their own information immediately. As a result, less administrative effort is needed and your staff can focus on higher-value tasks.

The self-service portal helps with supplier onboarding, changes to documentation and performance reviews, ensuring that activities like data capture is consistent and error-free.

The portal offers total transparency from the time an invoice is submitted through receipt, approval, status and eventually payment at all necessary levels throughout an entire organisation.

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