Supplier Statement Reconciliation Simplified

How much time does your AP team spend cross-checking supplier statements with invoices or credit notes every month?

Kefron AP has an interactive add-on, purpose built for Supplier Statement Reconciliation, that automates the reconciliation of invoices received and invoices the supplier claims to have sent.

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Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Walkthrough: Mastering Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Watch a 6 minute overview of automated statement reconciliation

Did you know?

If you process 500 supplier statements per month and spend 9 minutes per statement on manual data entry, by automating your AP Process, you can save 11 days per month.

High-Performance Reconciliation

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  • Reduce manual reconciliation

  • Invoice keyword search

  • Single dashboard for reconciling manual discrepancies

  • Auto-calculate selected invoice amounts

  • Contact suppliers directly

  • View all supplier communications

  • Digital audit trail of users

  • Enforce supplier statement reconciliation best practice

  • Activity tracking

  • Immediate invoice retrieval

  • Identify duplicates

  • Up-to-date reporting

  • Centralised collaboration

  • Highlight statement discrepancies

  • One-click auto-matching

  • Statement line items reconciled against invoices received

Supplier Statement Reconciliation
AP Automation - Invoice Automation
AP Automation - Invoice Automation
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Supplier Statement Reconciliation in 4 Steps

  • Statement Capture
  • Data Extraction
  • Automated Matching
  • Identify Discrepancies

All statements, both paper and electronic, can be scanned, e-mailed, or uploaded via the supplier portal and captured directly to the Kefron AP system.

Invoices and their details are extracted from the statement including the line item information. All documents are text-searchable and allow users to search for any word or phrase within your documents.

Statements are automatically reconciled against invoices received in Kefron AP, so your team can focus on more value-added activities.

The Add-on provides a convenient and efficient means of quickly verifying the accuracy of any visual information on-screen.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation


What is supplier statement reconciliation?

Supplier statement reconciliation is the process of comparing a company’s records against the statements received from suppliers to ensure accuracy in transactions, payments, and balances. It helps identify discrepancies, unrecorded transactions, and potential errors in the accounts payable process.

How does automated supplier statement reconciliation work?

Automated supplier statement reconciliation uses software to streamline the matching process. It compares supplier statements with internal records, automatically identifying matches, discrepancies, and exceptions without manual intervention, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy.

Is it challenging to implement automated reconciliation?

Implementation complexity varies but is significantly reduced with user-friendly solutions designed for integration with existing systems. Providers often offer support during the transition, including training and customisation, to ensure a smooth implementation.

How does automated reconciliation affect the audit process?

Automated reconciliation provides a clear, auditable trail of all reconciliations, making it easier to demonstrate compliance and financial integrity during audits. The accuracy and availability of records can simplify the audit process and reduce the risk of findings or discrepancies.

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