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How a public sector organisation automates their AP Process



Striving to embrace development and deliver professional, accurate and efficient standards, ECFRS’s busy finance department sought to update its existing scanning solution. Along with the Government’s drive to get public sector organisations to go digital, the service needed to find a solution that met its requirements.

The organisation were looking for a provider that can adapt to an increase in volume, develop an audit trail to identify failures and exceptions, as well as deliver improved quality of scanning so that hard copy records no longer need to be retained.

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Kefron AP digitises invoices for ease of processing, approval and record keeping. The invoices are scanned, uploaded or emailed directly to the Kefron AP system and no matter how the invoice has been designed, they are processed within minutes of arriving.

All documents received by Kefron AP are securely stored within the system, meaning they can be searched for and accessed later by the team.

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The finance team has responded positively to a paper-free environment as it has helped improve the efficiency and time required to complete day-to-day tasks. Going paperless has also removed the need to store physical invoices, which has saved space in the office.

One key change for the finance team is that it now can retrieve and search for invoices much quicker, compared to its previous methods. This has meant that the time taken to resolve queries has improved significantly across the department and helped to improve the whole process.

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