PO Matching Automation

Managing PO invoice processing has never been easier with automated line item matching.

Kefron AP provides 2 or 3 way PO Matching. It is an intuitive, dynamic and powerful solution for easy purchase order processing and tracking.

Create transparency with real-time approval workflows that save you and your suppliers' time.

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How Automated PO Matching Works?

Fully Automated PO Processing

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Dynamic PO Building

The Kefron AP PO Creation module is an interactive add-on that allows efficient order creation. It can be used to raise Purchase Orders and build the document dynamically on the Kefron AP system screen while entering the data.

Automated Matching

The Kefron AP System can automate the matching of Purchase Orders & GRNs to Supplier Invoices. A full 2 or 3 way matching service allows faster more concise reconciliation of your AP records.

Corresponding GRN

POs can be easily converted into a separate GRN with the click of a button to receive the goods that have been delivered. In addition to saving time on manual data entry, the PO and GRN are then automatically matched against the invoice

Converting PO

The Kefron AP PO flipping functionality enables suppliers to convert a PO into an invoice with one click. Each line level of the purchase order is electronically captured, and the information is then utilised to produce an invoice. Kefron matches the PO data to the invoice in real time and sends the transaction to your ERP for payment.

PO Matching
PO Flipping
2 3 way po matching
Converting PO - PO Matching

Effortless PO Management

  • Dynamic PO Creation
  • Automated Coding
  • Full Search & Retrieval
  • Smooth Processing
  • PO Data Integration

Each product line can have a default Product Code, GL Code, Department, Unit Price or Tax Code. Kefron AP automatically calculates the Net Value once the quantity is entered for each line. Manual input for each line field is also available if the defaults were not specified in the system lookup

The Kefron AP Solution provides automated coding that can be applied to your supplier invoices or if you prefer designated users can assign GL/Nominal code descriptions from your prepopulated supplied list.

Access Invoice, PO or GRN data immediately without the need for an excessive search of individual documents.

Purchase orders can be created dynamically on-screen while entering the data and can be linked with the existing 2 or 3-way invoice matching function to streamline the invoice automation process.

PO data that has been originated in the Kefron AP system can be easily exported to your accounts solution by on-demand or scheduled reports.

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What is PO invoice in accounts payable?

A PO Invoice is a bill sent by a supplier that matches a specific Purchase Order issued by the buyer. It details the goods or services provided, quantities, prices, and total amount due, and is used in accounts payable to verify and process payment for received orders.

What is PO Matching?

PO Matching, or Purchase Order Matching, is the process of comparing the details of a purchase order (PO) against the corresponding invoice and goods receipt note (GRN) to ensure accuracy before processing a payment. In AP Automation, this process is streamlined through digital systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual errors.

What is 2 way PO matching?

2-Way PO Matching involves comparing the purchase order (PO) against the supplier’s invoice. It verifies that the quantities, prices, and items on the invoice match those on the PO.

What is 3 way PO matching?

3-Way PO Matching adds another layer by comparing the PO, the invoice, and the goods receipt note (GRN) or delivery note. It ensures that what was ordered, billed, and received are all in agreement.

What types of documents are involved in the PO Matching process?

The primary documents involved are the Purchase Order (PO), the Invoice from the supplier, and the Goods Receipt Note (GRN) or service receipt confirming delivery of goods or completion of services.

Is it possible to integrate PO Matching with my existing ERP system?

Most AP Automation solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, allowing for real-time data exchange and streamlined workflows.

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