AP Reporting Dashboards

How do you measure the success of your AP team?

Unveil the power of AP Reporting with Kefron AP Dashboard. Our proactive platform delivers real-time invoice analytics for smarter decision-making.

Leveraging Dynamic Data Capture Technology, Kefron AP's reporting tools open a treasure trove of invoice data. This enables your AP team to identify bottlenecks and streamline invoice processes for quicker payments

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AP Analytics Dashboards - AP Automation - AP reporting

AP Reporting - First Look

Dive into our specialized AP Reporting Dashboards, each tailored to provide insightful metrics and analytics for your accounts payable processes.

High-Performance Analytics

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Prioritise Bottlenecks

A key concern for any AP team is identifying not only the status of an invoice, but how long the invoice has remained unpaid.

With Kefron AP reporting dashboard, your team can identify the process status of each document, as well as prioritise unpaid invoices by its value.

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Monitor Status

Kefron AP’s Dynamic Data Capture Technology is 90% effective at recording invoice data from a range of document types. But there are exceptions. Even machines need help making sense of data.

Kefron AP reporting dashboards identifies suppliers who are consistently delivering invoice exceptions so you can help the machine help both you and your supplier speed up the payment process.


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Measure Value

When we make a promise on your investment in Kefron AP, we make it easy for you to hold us accountable.

Your ROI report measures our promise to you. From the number of duplicate invoices prevented to the hours saved in manually entering data, this report measures our success in delivering what we promised.

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Gauge Activity

Streamline your AP workflow, improve visibility and promote collaboration among your AP team members with our user productivity dashboard.

With this dashboard, ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together efficiently.

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Processing Time

With our documents received vs successfully processed dashboard, obtain valuable insights into the duration required for document and invoice processing. These insights will prove invaluable for effective capacity planning and optimising your workflow.

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Performance Stats

Utilise analytics to highlight the automation levels at both verification & PO matching. Identify the top-performing documents and suppliers, as well as pinpoint areas for process improvement.

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Ageing Dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation - AP reporting
Extraction dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation
ROI Dashboard- AP Analytics - AP Automation - AP reporting
User Productivity Dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation
Documents Received vs Successfully Processed
Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation

AP Reporting Made Easy

  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • At-A-Glance Invoice Progress
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Prioritise Suppliers in need

Understanding the root cause of bottlenecks by identifying repeat offenders can significantly reduce the time it takes to process invoices. From suppliers with repeat extraction issues to long approval times for specific suppliers, real-time invoice data can resolve bottlenecks eat the earliest opportunity.

With 360-Degree visibility of your invoice process, your AP team can proactively assess current and future invoice challenges. Pivoting from a reactive to a proactive approach provides an uplift in the value add tasks of your AP team from manual tasks to forecasting cashflow and more efficiently managing the invoice process.

Real-time metrics are a proven best practice for managing the AP process. Access data immediately without the need for an excessive search of individual documents. It’s time to say goodbye to excel and introduce your team to a reliable, single source of AP progress.

Kefron AP uses Dynamic Data Capture, with intuitive Machine Learning capabilities that learn invoices from new suppliers for faster recognition the second time around. However, even the most advanced technology has its limits. Identifying suppliers who send invoices that repeatedly fail at the extraction stage is a quick win for both your AP team and your suppliers.

AP Analytics Dashboards - AP Automation Invoices


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