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Accurate Data - Team - Invoice Automation

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Accurate Data - Team - Invoice Automation

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Two-Way Syncing

Kefron AP is designed to create a powerful two-way flow with your finance system. Processing your invoices within minutes of arriving and making sure that only clean, validated data is populated in your finance system.

API Connection

Kefron AP provides a full and flexible API connection for integration with third-party finance systems. Extensive API access automates data exchange between your systems, so you are always presented with precise data.

Flat File Exchange

Kefron AP also offers a simple Flat File integration through files transfer such as XML, CSV and other flat file formats. FTP is a way to transfer large amounts of data between two systems.

Works with any ERP System

Kefron AP delivers direct integration with all ERP or finance management systems for a streamlined AP workflow. With full integration to a range of accounting systems, you can be sure that your finance tech stack works in harmony for efficient payments.

ERP Integration -
ERP Integration
ERP Integration
ERP Integration

Automated Invoicing Experts


Continuous Improvement Team

Kefron AP offers a team of data specialists to optimise and train the software to ensure near-perfect accuracy, freeing you from the daily management of invoice scanning technology.

PO Matching

Customised Advanced Workflow Functionality

Kefron AP is purpose-built for AP functions. We offer advanced workflow features to address unique business challenges, such as notifying stakeholders when it’s time to receipt goods or services.

Dynamic Data Capture

Touchless Processing Excellence

With Kefron AP, you can experience high touchless processing rates – consistently achieving results in the high 90s. This level of efficiency far exceeds market standards, making invoice processing a breeze.


Tailor-Made Configuration

Kefron AP platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges of accounts payable departments, unlike solutions with out-of-the-box functionality. We take the time to understand and tailor our solution to meet those needs.

Revamp AP Processing

Unleash New Efficiency in Finance

Imagine a world of streamlined workflows, maximum financial efficiency, and minimal errors, all powered by AP Automation with ERP integration. Don’t be held back by outdated processes. Embrace the future of AP processing with us for a brighter tomorrow.

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