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Global leader in tool manufacturing

3 separate businesses

2,500 invoices per month

AP Technology - Manufacturing AP Automation



As a global leader in tool manufacturing, Technicut processes thousands of invoices per month through three separate businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Managing the accounts payable process manually had become a real challenge as the volume of invoices that the Technicut team was processing daily was constantly increasing, making the process very time consuming and prone to errors. Furthermore, getting an accurate and up to date view of outstanding invoices was becoming an issue too.

Manufacturing AP Technology


Technicut decided to turn to technology to help reduce their accounts payable team’s time-consuming manual work and to increase invoice processing capacity so that the team could focus on more high-value work.

Technicut spoke to a number of companies offering AP Automation solutions, however Technicut concluded Kefron was the strongest partner to resolve their AP specific challenges because of the quality of the Kefron AP solution, the ability to meet Technicut’s needs and the expertise and guidance shown by Kefron’s staff.


Kefron AP and Infor Integration


Since going live in September 2019, Technicut invoice processing time has significantly improved. The speed and accuracy of the captured information is outstanding, making their process much more efficient.

The invoices can be scanned, uploaded or emailed directly to the Kefron AP system and no matter the design or format of the invoice, the data is securely extracted and the invoice image made available, giving Technicut complete and instant visibility on the status of all invoices. This increased visibility drives accountability and provides greater control on the AP process.

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Manufacturing AP Technology