User Productivity Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your accounts payable department's productivity.

The user productivity dashboard narrows down searches to specific users and delivers detailed information, such as the user's average approval time and how the work is spread out across the team.

A summary view of all users pending actions on one screen!

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User Productivity Dashboard - AP Automation

First Look

Take a few minutes to watch this video for an overview of the User Productivity Analytics Dashboard.

Analytics Made Easy

  • Full Visibility
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Insights

Overview efficiency

Acquire visibility of documents with pending actions per user.

By date range

Easily chose the date range and filter by the user options for a streamlined overview of the users activities. Quickly understand who needs to take action to move documents forward in the system.



Choose your format

A variety of export types to choose from, ranging from file formats such as CSV to more visual formats that best suit your needs.

Dynamic Data Capture Technology

Kefron AP provides multiple dashboards for a comprehensive view of invoice data, enabling your AP team to optimise invoice processing for expedited payments.

User Productivity Dashboard - AP Automation - Invoice Automation Report


What is the User Productivity Dashboard?

The User Productivity Dashboard is a feature within Kefron’s AP Automation solution that provides detailed insights into individual and team performance metrics, such as average approval times and workload distribution. It enables managers to monitor and enhance the productivity of their AP processes.

How does the User Productivity Dashboard enhance AP automation?

By offering a summary view of all users’ pending actions and narrowing down searches to specific users, the dashboard facilitates efficient task allocation and oversight. This targeted approach helps in identifying process bottlenecks and optimising team performance in managing invoices.

Can the User Productivity Dashboard track individual user performance?

Yes, the dashboard delivers detailed information on each user’s productivity, including their average approval time and how tasks are spread out across the team. This feature allows for personalised feedback and support to improve individual performance.

How does this dashboard contribute to improving supplier relationships?

By streamlining task delegation and approval processes, the User Productivity Dashboard ensures timely processing of invoices. This efficiency directly impacts the timeliness of payments to suppliers, fostering stronger, more reliable relationships.

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