E-Invoicing Legislation and Global Tax

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e invoicing policy guide

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e invoicing policy guide

Did you know?

The VAT gap (the difference between what is owed to Governments and what is collected) amounts to approximately €93 billion every year.

E-Invoicing Legislation Impact

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Which tax obligation applies?

Navigating the intricate landscape of tax obligations across various countries, as dictated by e-invoicing legislation.

Which mandate applies?

Grasping the diverse CTC Mandates impacting your business operations across various countries.


How to implement an e-invoicing solution?

Implementing an e-invoicing solution into business operations and facilitating a seamless link with your ERP system and relevant tax authorities.


When should e-invoicing be implemented?

Comprehending when to incorporate e-invoicing within business operations, and the implications of non-compliance, including potential penalties.

eInvoicing Solution
eInvoicing Solution
eInvoicing Solution - Automated Invoice Processing

Navigate Complex Global Tax Regulations With Ease

Our e-invoicing solution ensures compliance with country specific regulations and modern data transfer standards.

We ensure the integrity and quality fo your e-invoices based on their authenticity, legibility, security and proper archiving as mandated by regional laws.

With Kefron, you can effortlessly exchange elcetronic invoices with our 100 countries.

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FAQs on E-Invoicing Legislation

What is e-invoicing legislation?

E-invoicing legislation refers to the legal framework governing the use of electronic invoicing in business transactions. This framework establishes standards for e-invoice formats, transmission, security, and compliance with tax regulations.

Why is e-invoicing legislation important for businesses?

E-invoicing legislation is crucial as it ensures the validity and legal acceptance of e-invoices. Compliance with these laws helps businesses streamline their accounts payable processes, reduce errors, and stay compliant with tax authorities.

How does e-invoicing legislation vary across different countries?

E-invoicing requirements can differ significantly from one country to another. Each jurisdiction may have specific standards for invoice format, digital signatures, and data storage. It’s important for businesses operating internationally to understand and comply with the local e-invoicing laws of each country.

What are the common standards in e-invoicing legislation?

Common standards often include the use of specific e-invoice formats (like XML or PDF/A), adherence to data protection laws, and the requirement of electronic signatures for authenticity and integrity of invoices.

What are the penalties for non-compliance with e-invoicing legislation?

Non-compliance penalties can range from fines to legal actions. These penalties are imposed to enforce adherence to tax laws and accurate financial reporting. The exact nature of these penalties varies depending on the jurisdiction and the severity of the non-compliance.

How can businesses ensure compliance with e-invoicing legislation?

Businesses can ensure compliance by using updated e-invoicing software that aligns with the latest legal requirements, conducting regular audits, and staying informed about changes in legislation.

E-Invoicing Legislation Mastery

Navigating Global Compliance Trends

In the dynamic realm of international compliance, it’s crucial to stay ahead. Dive deep into the intricacies of diverse e-invoicing mandates from around the globe.

With our comprehensive coverage, receive timely updates on the evolving regulations, ensuring you’re not only informed but also empowered for the changes ahead. Get equipped, stay updated.


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