Why choose Kefron AP Automation Software?

Only Kefron AP combines razor-sharp AI extraction technology with a team of data specialists for unrivalled touch-free AP processing.

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Why kefron AP - Leading provider

The Right AP Automation Software for Your Business

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“We wanted to grow through acquisition while reducing the need for hiring staff. Kefron AP extracts 99% of the data first time off accounts payable supplier invoices.” – Kingspan

AP Automation software that requires template building is not fit for purpose. Kefron AP supports best-in-class AI technology with a continuous improvement team so you never have to touch an invoice again.



“Kefron adapted our PO’s to our unique sites. Our invoices are now at the touch of a button which means we no longer spend hours searching for old documents.” – M50 Truck & Van Centre

Most AP providers offer pre-packaged solutions that must be tailored to the specific needs of the organization, which can often lead to user dissatisfaction and frustration. Kefron AP adapts to your processes for fast deployment.

Easy to Use


Easy to Use

The system is easy to use as everyone in the business can log in, check their invoices and approve them with just one click.” – CVS Group

Early user adoption is critical to the success of any platform. That’s why we offer a clean, intuitive user experience with unlimited user licences for fast-track stakeholder adoption.

Say Goodbye to Manual Invoicing

Embrace Kefron's Cutting-Edge AP Automation

Find Your Flow

Effortless invoice automation that works​

Only Kefron AP provides extraction optimisation as standard, at no extra charge. Our proprietary AI technology does the heavy-lifting and our team of skilled Extraction Experts refine and optimise. This means that we do extraction quality so you don’t have to…and everything just flows.​

“The system’s adaptive learning of supplier invoice templates ensures a continuous increase in touch-free invoice processing.”

-East Midlands Shared Services

Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • Ease of Deployment
  • Scalability
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Personalisation
  • Security
  • Risk Control
  • Integration

Get up and running faster

There is no hardware to buy or infrastructure to set up and configure.

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Start small and grow

The Kefron AP System can expand as the number of users grow, enabling you to start off small and enlarge as your business grows.

No Upfront Capital

Deploying our AP Software does not require upfront capital expenditure, so it is easier to accommodate existing budgets or budget constraints.


The Kefron AP System provides complete and instant visibility to anyone authorised to view it. This increased visibility drives accountability and provides greater control on the AP process.

Unique Software Experience

Kefron AP Automation Software user dashboard and branding can be tailored to meet your company’s requirements and preferences. Furthermore, customisable business rules are implemented to suit your unique business needs.

Confidence with ISO 27001

Our compliance regarding all information security matters including data protection, privacy and IT governance within our industry.

Steamline Processes

Kefron AP helps quickly identify potential risks and automate compliance with regulatory standards. This can help to reduce human error, take action on risks, prevent non-compliance, and reduce the risk of misreporting and financial losses.

ERP Agnostic

With full integration to a range of accounting systems, you can be sure that your finance tech stack works in harmony for efficient payments.

Leading AP Automation Provider - Kefron AP

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