Invoice Automation with Oracle

Kefron AP delivers seamless integration with Oracle for ease of processing and elimination of manual input of data. Sync your Oracle data including supplier lists and codes, tax and GL codes, as well as purchase order and GRN data for a touchless invoice processing.

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Where Kefron AP comes in

  • Better Control Cash Flow
  • Reduce Query
  • Eliminates Manual Entry
  • Enjoy Greater Transparency
  • Prevent Fraudulent Activity
  • 360 Visibility
  • Easy Integration

PO & 3-way matching

Adaptability includes multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-workflow capabilities for PO and Non-PO invoices with budget management and statement reconciliation.

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Our Self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoice requests and gain insight into invoice progress. Suppliers can log in to view the progress of specific outstanding invoices, log or answer queries, and avoid having to make calls.

Dynamic Data Capture

Our in-house technology provides exceptionally accurate data extraction for immediate visibility and payment.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Fast-track your monthly statement reconciliations with line matching capabilities.

Custom Workflows

Receive in-app notifications of discrepancies unique to your business including missing information for stringent verification.


Kefron AP comes with built-in AP Analytics Dashboards, a proactive solution to delivering real-time invoice data for better decision making. Any captured data can be reported upon.

Fully Managed Set-Up

We provide a fully managed Oracle integration set-up service, so your AP team don’t need to become experts in the black art of OCR management.

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How it works?

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works 11

Invoice Capture

Auto-upload paper invoices & e-invoices. Kefron AP reads and extracts required invoice fields.

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works


Auto-distribute eacg invoice to PO or Non-PO workflows for processing

Data Subject Access Requests - How it works


Custom workflows auto-direct to pre-determined approvers via in-app notifications

How it works

Post to Oracle

Clean Validated data posted to ERP system. Access invoices anytime with keyword search & retrieve

Say Goodbye to Manual Invoice Processing