Stay on top of evolving tax regulations across 100+ countries with one platform to manage your e-invoicing and digital tax compliance needs.

Discover a smoother, simpler way to handle your digital tax needs with Kefron AP eInvoicing Solution. Streamline your operations, free up resources, and focus on what truly matters. Start your journey with Kefron today and ensure robust tax compliance with Kefron AP.

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eInvoicing Solution

Impact of Mandatory Tax Compliance

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Which tax obligation applies?

Navigating the intricate landscape of tax obligations across various countries, as dictated by e-invoicing legislation.

Which mandate applies?

Grasping the diverse CTC Mandates impacting your business operations across various countries.


How to implement an eInvoicing solution?

Implementing an eInvoicing solution into business operations and facilitating a seamless link with your ERP system and relevant tax authorities.


When should e-invoicing be implemented?

Comprehending when to incorporate e-invoicing within business operations, and the implications of non-compliance, including potential penalties.

eInvoicing Solution
eInvoicing Solution
eInvoicing Solution - Automated Invoice Processing

eInvoicing Toolkit

Comprehensive resources tailored for seamless eInvoicing management


e invoicing policy guide

Policy guide for eInvoicing complexities, covering countries’ guidelines, ensuring compliance and understanding of legislation.



EInvoicing Guide

Guide for finance leaders on evolving trends, transforming operations, embracing new strategies, and ensuring future-proof VAT compliance.


How We Can Help?

Watch the video to gain insights on e-invoicing legislation and its potential impact on your business operations.

Navigate Complex Global Tax Regulations With Ease

Our eInvoicing solution ensures compliance with country specific regulations and modern data transfer standards.

We ensure the integrity and quality fo your e-invoices based on their authenticity, legibility, security and proper archiving as mandated by regional laws.

With Kefron, you can effortlessly exchange electronic invoices with our 100 countries.

Digitalisation- scanning invoices e-invoicing



A one-stop solution for country-specific CTC clearance, reporting, e-invoicing, and e-archiving in 40+ countries. Sidestep inconsistencies of diverse local providers.



Seamless API integration with your ERP & Tax Authority Systems for AR/AP processes. Also includes updates for frequent Tax Authority rule changes.

ERP integration


Kefron AP: A blend of compliance and efficiency. Ensuring quick, precise e-invoicing with data accuracy and adaptability. Smooth conversion between file formats.

Simple Sign in - ap pricing


Benefit from our professional onboarding project management, guiding you through the unique integration process in each country.

Effortless eInvoicing with Full-Spectrum Automation

  • Continuous Reporting
  • CTC e-invoicing ‘clearance’
  • Post Audit eInvoicing
  • Compliant e-archive
  • Tax ID check

Real-Time Insights

No more manual checks. Stay ahead of your metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Instant CTC eInvoicing Clearance

Experience the peace of mind that comes with automated clearance for your Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) e-invoicing.

Automated Post-Audit eInvoicing

Safeguard your business with post-transaction checks that work like a built-in auditor, ensuring everything is in line with your financial governance.

Secure, Compliant E-Archiving

Automatically archive all your financial documents in a compliant manner, ensuring they are easily accessible yet secure for audits and reviews.

Automated Tax ID Verification

Never worry about incorrect tax IDs affecting your compliance. Our system validates every detail, every time.


eInvoicing Solution You Can Rely On

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