What is AP Automation?

Accounts Payable Automation, utilises advanced software technologies to digitise and streamline the invoice process. This transformation leads to a more efficient, cost-effective AP workflow.

Automated invoice processing eliminates the hassles of paper-based systems, prevents duplication, and reduces manual tasks, facilitating faster payment cycles.

With Dynamic Data Capture technology and full Integration with your existing finance systems, AP Automation ensures that your digitised invoices are always accessible, organised, and ready for timely payment.

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Invoice Automation

How Does AP Automation Work?

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Precision & Speed in AP Automation

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Continuous Improvement

Kefron AP’s continuous improvement team, full of data experts, fine-tunes our automated ap software for optimal accuracy. This frees you from complex invoice management, bolstering the effectiveness of our AP automation solutions.

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Customised Advanced Workflows

Tailored for AP needs, Kefron AP’s automated ap software provides advanced, customisable workflows. These efficiently handle various AP tasks, enhancing your accounts payable management.

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Touchless Processing Excellence

Kefron AP’s AI technology enables high-efficiency touchless processing in our AP automation software, ensuring accuracy well above industry standards for streamlined AP operations.

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Customising AP Automation to Your Unique Needs

Kefron AP offers a bespoke AP automation platform, uniquely configured to address the distinct challenges of your accounts payable department for an ideal, operational fit.

Why Do You Need AP Automation?

  • Staff Changes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Remote Work
  • Changing ERP System
  • Scalability

Increased Recruitment Costs

  • New hires mean system and process reviews
  • High staff turnover means training costs

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Cost-effective Growth

  • Restructuring of teams
  • System Integrations
  • Increased invoice volumes

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Hybrid Challenges

  • Silo’d data
  • Physical approval process

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Integration Challenges

  • Opportunity to accelerate digital transformation
  • Review of processes and value add activities

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Barriers to Growth

  • Limited infrastructure in place to support growth
  • Overworked employees
  • Back office functions performing poorly


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Your AP Automation Toolkit

Invoice Automation

AP Automation Buyers Guide

Download our comprehensive guide and arm yourself with best practice steps in identifying an AP solution that suits your business.


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Build a Business Case for AP Automation

Discover how you can transform your AP Department into a value-added business function, thanks to AP Automation.


AP Automation

Successful Implementation Guide

Implementation tips. Gain insight into what a successful implementation of AP Automation looks like.


Return on Investment Calculator

Strengthen your business case by measuring the cost benefit of automated invoice processing for your business


AP Automation Insights

What Our Customers Think


What is AP Automation?

AP Automation, or Accounts Payable Automation, refers to the use of software to automate the processes of handling and processing invoices in a company’s accounts payable department. This technology enhances efficiency, accuracy, and speed in managing financial transactions.

How does automated ap software integrate with existing accounting systems?

Our AP Automation software is designed for seamless integration with a variety of accounting systems. It synchronises data and workflows, ensuring smooth and continuous operations without disrupting your existing financial ecosystem.

What are the key benefits of using automated ap software?

The primary benefits include significant time savings, reduction of manual errors, improved compliance and control, enhanced vendor relationships through timely payments, and the ability to leverage financial insights for strategic decision-making.

Can AP Automation software handle complex invoices and varying formats?

Yes, our automated ap software is equipped with advanced AI technology that can accurately process and handle a wide range of invoice formats and complexities, ensuring versatility and adaptability to various business needs.