As the first scanning company in Ireland to handle precious books, Kefron has the technology and expertise to ensure your valuable books are handled with care through their digital evolution.

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  • Expert Handling
  • Flexible Formats
  • Maximise Space
  • Accessibility
  • Searchable eBook
  • Save time

Quality Control

Ensuring the right checks and balances are there to protect the integrity of each page.

Choice of File Type

Receive your book in DjVu, PDF and TIFF formats.

Long-term or on Demand Storage

Allowing you access your documents whenever you need them.

Data Processing & Management

Ensure your book is secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Dynamic Data Capture

We use optical character recognition (OCR) to convert images into text which is then keyword searchable.

Advanced Scanning Capabilities

Allowing you to easily scan and capture any size of book in preservation quality black and white, greyscale and colour images.