Invoice Scanning: Non-PO Automation

Invoice Scanning Solution: From single-instance invoice verification to consistent Non-PO invoice matching, AP Automation transforms the sporadic nature of Non-PO processing into a streamlined procedure.

Regardless of your invoice's arrival mode – be it post, fax, or email – and irrespective of its design, our Invoice Scanning capability ensures it's processed swiftly upon receipt.

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Invoice Scanning


Discover how AP Automation simplifies Non-PO invoice processing

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Automated Data Capture & Extraction

All invoices, both paper and electronic, can be uploaded and captured directly to the Kefron AP system, Dynamic Data Capture allows complete visibility of any invoice at any stage of the AP process.

Elimitate Manul Input

Kefron AP provides automated coding that can be applied to your supplier invoices. It learns user behaviour by pre-populating cost-codes based on repeated association with specific suppliers.

Multiple Levels of Cost Coding

Kefron AP supports multiple levels of cost analysis. Analyse at a high-level or granular analysis by activity.

Faster Turnaround

Kefron AP provides 3 types of hierarchical approval workflows:
- Limits on approval by value
- Everyone in a group must approve
- Individual in a group must approve

Furthermore it comes with the ability to set reminders for outstanding approvals to avoid a build up.

Accurate Data Exchange

Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any accounting software by simply exchanging information directly with your systems and eliminates the need to rekey information. Our system mirrors all the figured codes such as Suppliers, GLs, etc. in your finance system to ensure consistency in your transactions

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Invoice Scanning
Invoice Scanning
3 Way PO Matching
AP Automation Incoice processing

Accurate. Automated. AP.

  • Accesibility
  • Search & Retreival
  • Duplicate Checking
  • 360 Visibility
  • Free User Licenses
  • Time & Cost Savings
  • Increased Accuracy

Functionality across a range of devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets, means you can process and approve your invoices using the Kefron AP System wherever you are.

Kefron AP makes all documents text-searchable. It allows users to search for any word or phrase within your documents. Once an invoice is in the system, it can be instantly accessed on demand.

Kefron AP will alert you to any duplicate invoices that you may receive, ensuring your AP team wastes no time in processing the same invoice. The system automatically filters duplicates from your work queue, so you don’t have to.

Kefron AP has built-in analytical dashboards that allow you to get information regarding KPIs that most affects your business financially, both negatively and positively, at a glance. Generate on-demand reports for each stage of the accounts payable process, giving users fast, clear and accurate information, allowing them to answer queries quickly and easily.

Kefron AP allows up to 500 free user licenses to operate the system at no additional charge. So whether you have 1 user or 500, the cost of your Kefron AP invoice automation solution will always be the same.

The impact of data capture and workflow brought about through our Kefron AP Software can improve your processing time by as much as 97% and decrease costs by up to 98%.

Data capture automation eliminates manual keying of information from the process and in doing so significantly decreases errors associated with human touch points.

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What is invoice scanning?

Invoice scanning is the process of converting paper invoices into digital format through the use of scanning technology. This allows for easier storage, retrieval, and processing of invoice data, streamlining the accounts payable (AP) process and enhancing efficiency.

What is invoice scanning software?

Invoice scanning software is a digital solution designed to automate the process of converting paper invoices into electronic formats. By using technology, it extracts key details from invoices, such as vendor names, dates, amounts, and line items, converting them into digital data for easier processing and management within accounts payable systems.

What is invoice scanning and data capture?

Invoice scanning and data capture refer to the processes used by businesses to convert paper invoices into digital data and then extract critical information from these digital documents. This technology facilitates more efficient invoice processing by enabling automated data entry, validation, and integration with financial systems.

How does invoice scanning improve the AP process?

Invoice scanning automates the data entry process, reducing manual errors and saving time. By digitising invoices, businesses can ensure faster processing, improve accuracy, and enhance the visibility of their financial transactions.

Can invoice scanning integrate with existing AP systems?

Yes, most modern invoice scanning solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing accounts payable and ERP systems. This integration facilitates the automatic transfer of data, ensuring a smooth workflow from invoice receipt to payment.

What types of invoices can be scanned?

Invoice scanning technology is capable of processing various types of invoices, regardless of format or layout. This includes paper-based invoices, PDFs, and electronic invoices received via email.

How does invoice scanning handle different currencies and tax rates?

Advanced invoice scanning solutions are equipped with intelligent recognition capabilities that can identify and process information in multiple currencies and apply the correct tax rates according to local regulations.

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