Dynamic Data Capture

Kefron AP automates invoice data extraction using Dynamic Data Capture technology.

Our Machine Learning enabled extraction forms part of a 3-step process to ensure the most accurate and efficient data capture as possible.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation

How it works


The Benefits

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Machine Learning

Our machine learning data extraction model combines the knowledge of millions of captured historical invoice data with continuous learning of how your business processes invoices.

The result of which is a reduction in exceptions, and fast end-to-end invoice processing capabilities.

Exceptions Team

Fewer exceptions mean faster invoice approval times.

While exceptions cannot be completely eradicated, Kefron AP is unique in offering an inhouse data engineering specialist team that will assist with reducing exceptions.

Learning Models

With access to millions of previously scanned invoices, our machine learning model is continuously improving its ability to extract data without manual intervention.

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AP Automation Features


Our innovative machine learning technology replaces the need to build invoice templates.

Why Kefron?

  • e-tags
  • Non-Template Extraction
  • Managed Exceptions Service
  • Intellitags
  • Flexible Extraction Rules

E-tags are machine learning data tags created to tell the extraction engines what to extract and what to ignore

Our machine learning technology replaces the need to build invoice templates

Our In-House data extraction team manages any exceptions that the technology could not pick up.

Extraction is further enhanced by the use of Intelligent Data Tagging to extract data from the data layer of machine readable pdfs

Including multiple data fields like reference numbers, and site locations

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