Accounting Reporting via AP Dashboards

How do you measure the success of your AP team?

Unveil the power of Accounting Reporting with Kefron AP Dashboard. Our proactive platform delivers real-time invoice analytics for smarter decision-making.

Leveraging Dynamic Data Capture Technology, Kefron AP's Accounting Reporting tools open a treasure trove of invoice data. This enables your AP team to identify bottlenecks and streamline the Invoice Approval Process for quicker payments.

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Accounting Reporting - A First Look

Dive into our specialised Accounts Payable Dashboards, each tailored to provide insightful metrics and analytics for your accounts payable processes.

High-Performance Accounts Payable Dashboards

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AP Aging Reports Simplified

The critical function of any Accounts Payable team is not just invoice approval process but also understanding its ageing status.

Kefron AP's Ageing Dashboard enables enables you to monitor unpaid invoices by both value and time elapsed, making Accounting Reporting easier to manage and interpret.

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Smarter Accounting Reporting

Kefron AP’s Dynamic Data Capture Technology is 90% effective at recording invoice data from a range of document types. But there are exceptions. Even machines need help making sense of data.

Our Extraction Analytics Dashboard highlights invoice exceptions from recurring suppliers. This feature is integral for efficient accounting reporting, aiding in the faster clearance of payments.

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AP Investment Accountability

We make it easy for you to gauge the return on your investment in Kefron AP.

Our ROI Dashboard quantifies everything from duplicate invoices prevented to manual data entry hours saved, ensuring we fulfil our promises to you.

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Streamline AP Workflow

Improve team cohesion and workflow with theUser Productivity Dashboard.

This dashboard focuses on AP teamwork, ensuring everyone collaborates efficiently, which is crucial for timely accounting reporting.

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Real-Time AP Insights

Gain invaluable insights with our Documents Received vs Successfully Processed.

It provides real-time data on document and invoice processing times, helping you plan capacity and optimise your AP operations effectively through accounting reporting.

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Boost AP Efficiency

Elevate your AP process with our Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Dashboard. Utilize analytics to identify top-performing suppliers and documents while pinpointing areas for improvement in both verification and PO matching procedures.

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Extraction dashboard - AP Automation
ROI Dashboard - AP Automation
User Productivity Dashboard - AP Automation
Documents Received vs Successfully Processed
Automation Levels Verification & PO Matching Dashboard - AP Analytics - AP Automation

Accounting Reporting Made Easy

  • Gain Operational Efficiency
  • Proactive Account Reconciliation
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Dynamic Supplier Prioritisation

Simplified AP Reporting

Identify the root cause of workflow bottlenecks with real-time accounting reporting. Kefron AP helps you spot consistent issues, whether it’s suppliers causing repeated extraction errors or delayed approval times. By addressing these bottlenecks, you’ll accelerate accounts payable reports generation and improve your overall operations.

360-Degree Invoice Tracking

With 360-Degree visibility of your invoice process, your AP team can proactively assess current and future invoice challenges. Pivoting from a reactive to a proactive approach provides an uplift in the value-add tasks of your AP team, from manual tasks to forecasting cash flow and more efficiently managing the invoice approval process.

The Future of Accounts Payable Reports

No more tedious searching through individual documents or juggling Excel sheets. Kefron AP’s Real-Time Analytics offers immediate access to all key metrics, revolutionizing the way you manage Accounts Payable Reports and Accounts Payable Aging Reports.

Streamline AP Workflow

Using Dynamic Data Capture, Kefron AP identifies and learns from new suppliers’ invoices for quicker recognition in subsequent interactions. Recognize the suppliers causing repeated issues at the extraction stage, making it a quick win situation for both your Accounts Payable team and your vendors.

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What is an AP reporting dashboard?

An AP (Accounts Payable) reporting dashboard is a comprehensive tool that provides real-time insights and analytics on the accounts payable process within an organisation. It visualises key financial data and metrics, enabling businesses to monitor, manage, and optimise their accounting reporting and invoice management processes effectively.

How does an AP reporting dashboard improve accounting reporting?

By centralising data from various sources, an AP reporting dashboard enhances the accuracy and accessibility of accounting reports. It allows for the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as payment accuracy, cycle times, and cash flow management, enabling finance teams to make data-driven decisions that improve overall financial health.

How does an AP reporting dashboard integrate with other financial systems?

AP reporting dashboards are designed to seamlessly integrate with various financial systems, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other accounting software. This integration facilitates the automatic flow of data between systems, ensuring consistency, reducing manual data entry, and enabling comprehensive financial analysis.

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