AccountsIQ AP Automation - Advanced Integration Partner

AP Automation for AccountsIQ transforms complex data processes into smooth operations, making your business more efficient. Kefron AP automation technology processes invoices seamlessly and sends them directly to your portal for payment.

With a simple-to-use interface supported by intelligent data capture technology, Kefron AP eliminates manual effort and digitally transforms finance teams aiming for faster approvals and real-time reporting.

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Unlock the power of AccountsIQ Automation

Kefron AP is AccountsIQ Partner. We bring you unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of AccountsIQ’s suite for advanced solutions.


Automatic Sync Between AccountsIQ and Kefron AP

Suppliers Lists

Tax Codes

GL Codes

Purchase Orders

GRN Data

Custom Segments

Custom Fields

Custom Columns

Advanced AccountsIQ AP Automation

Custom Worfklows

Full API Connection

For easy data management and analysis, incorporating API AccountsIQ integration is crucial to enable streamlined data exchange, including all your analysis codes.

PO Matching

PO & 3-way matching

Adaptability includes multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-workflow capabilities for PO and Non-PO invoices with budget management and statement reconciliation.

PO module

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoice requests and gain insight into invoice progress without making a call.

Account Manager

Dynamic Data Capture

Our in-house technology provides exceptionally accurate data extraction for immediate visibility and payment.

Customer Service Manager

Custom Workflows

Receive in-app notifications of discrepancies unique to your business including missing information for stringent verification.

Simple Sign in - ap pricing

360 Visibility

Built-in AP Analytics Dashboards is a proactive solution for real-time invoice reporting. Any captured data can be reported upon.

Supercharge AccountsIQ with Kefron AP

NetSuite Sage AccountsIQ Oracle Oracle Fusion Kefron AP

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AP Automation for AccountsIQ

Scan Invoices

Continuous Improvement Team

Kefron AP offers a team of data specialists to optimise and train the software to ensure near-perfect accuracy, freeing you from the daily management of invoice scanning technology.

Scan Invoices

Customised Advanced Workflow Functionality

Kefron AP is purpose-built for AP functions. We offer advanced workflow features to address unique business challenges, such as notifying stakeholders when it’s time to receipt goods or services.

AI Technology Scan Invoices

Touchless Processing Excellence

With Kefron AP, you can experience high touchless processing rates – consistently achieving results in the high 90s. This level of efficiency far exceeds market standards, making invoice processing a breeze.

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Tailor-Made Configuration

Kefron AP platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges of accounts payable departments, unlike solutions with out-of-the-box functionality. We take the time to understand and tailor our solution to meet those needs.

AccounsIQ Integration Benefits

  • Time Savings
  • Easy to Use
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Eradicate Manual Entry


AccountsIQ integration with Kefron AP makes invoice processing much easier and reduces accounts preparation time. It frees up the Finance team and our General Managers’ time, but also allows us to keep all  communication with suppliers and internal stakeholders in one platform.“ 

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AccountsIQ and Kefron AP work nicely together. A simple integration key allows both products to synchronise smoothly. Kefron AP is popular with all our approvers because of the visibility they’ve got over the invoice processing history. The integration means that, once approved, it is automatically uploaded into AccountsIQ.”

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The Irish Times

The API connection with AIQ has helped us streamline what was previously a very ‘key-stroke-heavy’ process but has also allowed us to retain and improve on the governance and control in the area. It has also provided management with additional real-time data analytics and insight into creditor days and payment terms at a click of a button.”

Mill Hill

We do not have to store the paper copies any longer and it is so easy to go back and check any invoice or provide information during an external audit. By combining Kefron AP and AccountsIQ, we have implemented an online approval system for our budget holders”

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How does AccountsIQ AP Automation work?

AP automation streamlines invoice handling with minimal human intervention, automatically capturing, processing, matching, routing for approval, posting to finance systems, and generating reports.

Does AccountsIQ have AP Automation?

AccountsIQ provides AP automation tools and modules. However, an end-to-end AP automation system will streamline your AP process, eliminate mistakes, and increase invoice payment visibility. Kefron AP integrates easily with NetSuite, making AP more efficient.

Does Kefron AP have an API connection with AccountsIQ?

Kefron AP has an API connection with AccountsIQ. We bring you unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of AccountsIQ finance system for advanced solutions.

Can you sync invoices into AccountIQ?

Yes, invoices automatically can be imported into AccountsIQ by using accounts payable automation. Kefron AP saves all invoice data and sends it back to AccountsIQ using a two-way sync. Whether an invoice is amended in AccountsIQ, both systems are updated with the latest information.

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