Kefron AP delivers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics Nav for efficient invoice processing. The seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics Nav eradicates time-consuming tasks, missing files and brings along the real benefits.

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  • Better control cash flow
  • 360 visibility
  • Reduce human error
  • Enjoy greater transparency
  • Prevent fraudulent activity
  • Back Office Specialists

PO & 3-way matching

Automate the matching of GRNs and POs to supplier’s invoices for faster reconciliation by line items.

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Supplier Portal

Our Self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoice requests and gain insight into invoice progress.

Dynamic Data Capture

Our in-house technology provides exceptionally accurate data extraction for immediate visibility and payment.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Fast-track your monthly statement reconciliations with line matching capabilities.

Custom Workflows

Ensures only the right people handle your information at the right time

Physical & Digital Data Capture

Receive in-app notifications of discrepancies unique to your business including missing information for stringent verification

Microsoft Dynamics - Invoice Automation

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