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All documents had previously been stored and managed manually and copied by an in-house team at the hospital. However, a decision was made to seek an external company to manage the information.

The Rotunda’s goal was to find a more efficient way to handle the documents. Through a tender, it sought to find a third-party organisation that would collect, photocopy and scan their protected hospital records onto an online platform, where they would then be able to call upon the information when necessary.

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Kefron began work with the Rotunda Hospital, providing a number of services to optimise their document management needs. These services included electronic content management (ECM), document scanning and logistics.

All important information is now stored online and is easy to access. The migration of the physical documents onto the system involved the scanning and capturing of each individual document. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Kefron allowed the end user at the Rotunda to search specific key phrases within that document quickly and efficiently.


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Using the same provider for end-to-end document management means improved communication. Rodunda’s staff now have instant access to the required information. Kefron’s solution has strong built-in security features to protect patient confidentiality, furthermore,  services provided by Kefron also ensure the Hospital remains compliant with GDPR and in accordance with data protection regulations.

Overall, it is the convenience of having your documents online that is the biggest benefit to the organisation, allowing the customer to focus on operations and processes elsewhere.

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