The Numbers

21,000 doctors registered

50 employees

3 directorates

Medical Council



As more and more documents were being stored in Kefron’s Records Centre it was becoming more difficult to make decisions on the records. Issues with not knowing where records were coming from, if they should be destroyed or retained started to arise.

These issues stemmed from the fact that some of the documents were missing key information and this needed to be addressed, to ensure that they avoided any compliance issues and could quickly retrieve the required record.

The Medical Council’s Records Management system needed a complete overhaul.

Medical Council - Records Management 2


The Medical Council had a number of key objectives to achieve in order to get their records accurate and compliant to fall in line with their new records retention schedules.

Due to the range of services that Kefron provides, requirements from conducting the audit to capture & scanning services, records management consultancy and advice on on-going management of the council’s records have been met.



Medical Council - Records Management 4


Now that each document has been reviewed and key information has been added, files are now far easier to locate. This means the Medical Council staff no longer waste their valuable time searching for poor-quality documents, they can now find exactly what they need in a matter of seconds.

The decision-making process around retaining and destroying files has also been greatly improved. The newly appointed document owner can see at a glance if the document is worth keeping or destroying.

The new eRecords policy gives staff more control over their emails and digital documents and ensures they know how to manage and handle them properly.


Medical Council - Records Management 3