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If you are experiencing a backlog in your document processing or if peaks in document volumes are creating a burden on your staff and restricting the efficiency of your business operations, Kefron can help.

Combining our workflow design capabilities, our capture technology, and our in-house document handling and processing skills we can provide a complete end-to-end document processing service.

Whatever your document management challenge is, Kefron has a range of solutions:

  • Document auditing and indexing
  • Information extraction and validation
  • Forms processing and verification
  • Data processing and management

We tailor a range of technologies and processes to each project to ensure the optimum results:

  • Manual indexing, which can either be performed at the scanning station or from the created image. Our indexing process is governed by a strict Quality Audit Process
  • Barcode coversheets that allow scanned documents to match with indexed data
  • Optical Character Recognition technology is used to read characters in an image and facilitates word searches to find specific key phrases within a document


Our scan-to-process service enables you to easily find documents that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Once found, documents and data can be properly managed for GDPR compliance and the rights of the data subject such as the right to be forgotten, right to access and data portability can be readily complied with. In addition, PII can be extracted and converted to text searchable formats if required for onward GDPR compliant processing.

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