ROI Dashboard

A clear overview of the value Kefron AP adds when compared to manual processing.

We are committed to providing you with tangible metrics that measure our promise to you, including hours saved, savings per invoice, and duplicate payment prevention.

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ROI Dashboard - AP Automation

First Look

Watch this video for a quick overview of ROI Dashboard.

Analytics Made Easy

  • Live Data
  • Gain Insight
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Real-time Financial Savings
  • Export Data

Added Value

Utilise real-time data to evaluate the real benefits Kefron AP brings to your Finance Function.

customisable date range

Conduct an analysis of data over a period of up to three years, and produce a report outlining the findings within the specified date range.

Key Metrics

Easy reporting of duplicate payments that have been prevented and the hours saved through the elimination of tedious manual entry, as well as a number of fields extracted automatically.

Savings based on your data

Gain insights into the real-time financial savings delivered by Kefron’s AP Automation Software


A variety of export types to choose from, ranging from file formats such as CSV to more visual formats that best suit your needs.

ROI Dashboar - AP Automation - Invoice Automation


What is an ROI Dashboard?

An ROI Dashboard provides a clear, comprehensive overview of the financial benefits your business gains from investments, specifically focusing on the efficiencies and savings achieved through automation and process improvements. It’s designed to showcase tangible metrics like hours saved, savings per invoice, and prevention of duplicate payments.

How does the ROI Dashboard contribute to financial planning?

The dashboard plays a crucial role in financial planning by providing accurate, up-to-date data on cost savings and efficiency improvements. This information is invaluable for forecasting, budgeting, and strategic planning, helping businesses optimise their financial performance.

How does AP Automation impact the overall financial health of a company?

AP Automation streamlines invoice processing, reduces errors, and enhances control over cash flow. This optimisation leads to direct cost savings, improved vendor relationships through timely payments, and the ability to leverage early payment discounts. Collectively, these benefits contribute to the overall financial health and competitiveness of a company.

Is the data from an ROI Dashboard useful for financial reporting?

Absolutely. The data from an ROI Dashboard provides valuable insights for financial reporting, offering a clear view of cost savings, efficiency gains, and productivity improvements attributable to AP Automation. This information can be pivotal for annual reports, financial audits, and when presenting to stakeholders to demonstrate the value of AP automation investments.

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