Why Oracle Fusion Users are ditching Oracle IDR

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  3. - Compare: Invoice Automation vs. Oracle ICR

Oracle Fusion Integration - AP Automation


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Oracle Fusion Integration - AP Automation

Unlock the power of cutting-edge technology

As a Certified Oracle Partner, Kefron AP delivers unmatched expertise and profound understanding of Oracle Fusion Automation for superior invoicing solutions.

Kefron AP - Kefron Oracle Partner - Invoice Automation

Supercharge Your AP Process: Automated Invoicing

PO Matching - AP Automation

Effortless Extraction

Kefron AP uses smart scanning technologies for accurate data extraction. We handle the optimization, saving you time.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation 2

No License Fees

At Kefron, we don’t charge for user licenses. More access means better query resolution and a more streamlined process.

AP Automation

Customisable Workflows

Kefron AP offers advanced workflow functionality, tailored to meet your specific business challenges.

Supplier Portal - AP Automation

Intuitive User Interface

Kefron AP is designed for AP teams, ensuring a seamless, user-friendly experience that drives adoption.

The Right Software for Oracle Fusion Automation