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Are you seeking enhanced AP Automation for Oracle Fusion Cloud? Kefron AP offers seamless integration to support large-scale invoice capture and next-gen invoice analytics.

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Oracle Fusion Invoice Automation - Automated Invoicing

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Oracle Fusion Invoice Automation - Automated Invoicing

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Capterra AP Automation Software

Advance Oracle Fusion Cloud

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Paper Invoices

Duplicate Invoices

Manual Entry

Delayed Approvals

AP Blind Spots


Dynamic Data Capture

2 and 3 way Matching

PO Flipping

Customisable Verification Rules

Supplier Statement Reconciliation


Unlimited user licenses

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Managed Service Support Team

Dashboard Analytics

ERP Integration


Over 90% reduction in processing time

Return on Investment in 12 months

Implement in only 9 days

100% Paperless

Dedicated support team

Oracle Fusion Cloud (2)
Oracle Fusion Cloud (3)
Oracle Fusion Cloud
Oracle Fusion Cloud (4) - demo

Oracle Fusion Automation Experts

ERP integration

Continuous Improvement Team

Kefron AP offers a team of data experts to optimise and train the software to ensure near-perfect accuracy, freeing your team from the daily management of invoice scanning technology.

PO Matching

Advanced Workflow Functionality

Kefron AP is purpose-built for AP process. We offer advanced workflow features to address unique business challenges, such as notifying stakeholders when it’s time to receipt goods or services.

ERP integration

Touchless Processing Excellence

With Kefron AP, you can experience high touchless processing rates – consistently achieving results in the high 90s. This level of efficiency far exceeds market standards, making invoice processing a breeze.

Coding Automation

Tailor-Made Configuration

Kefron AP platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges of accounts payable departments, unlike solutions with out-of-the-box functionality. We take the time to understand and tailor our
solution to meet those needs.

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