Computer Tape back-up and rotation is critical to every Disaster Recovery Plan. Kefron can organise daily, weekly or monthly rotation of tapes to accommodate your needs.

With our scheduled service there is no need to call us, we can automatically ensure that our RSSQL database schedules your agreed rotations. Kefron has the ability to customise tape pickups and deliveries and also to adjust these if your business needs change.

Our Computer Media Vault, Firelock, is the highest rated fire protection storage environment available in Ireland. We are the first in Ireland to offer this secure, off-site storage for electronic data and computer back-ups.

  • 24 online monitoring of storage conditions
  • Ability to withstand temperatures above 1000 degrees celsius
  • Environmentally friendly fire suppression gas (3m Novec)
  • Vault door and unique structural design keeps the temperature within the vault constant
  • Magnetic shielding surrounding the vault prevents any corruption of material
  • Humidity and temperature is controlled within the vault according to industry standards
  • Vapour and dust resistant lighting
  • Light/Sound Level Monitoring


Under GDPR, organisations collecting and controlling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are required to ensure ‘Privacy by Design’.

This effectively means that PII stored on the organisation’s systems need to be securely stored and backed-up. All backed-up PII data is subject to the same GDPR compliance requirements and regulations as that held on live systems.

Kefron’s media storage and rotation service makes it easy for PII to be backed up and is securely stored in a controlled environment, giving you peace of mind.

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