How to adapt your business for remote working and business recovery

Many businesses have shifted to working from home. Kefron has adapted our existing services and added some new options to support our customers during this time. Our expertise supports both physical records and digital information which means at any stage of a document lifecycle we have a service that can manage it.


For professional, secure off-site storage of your files and records if you’re moving or re-organising offices.

Our record centres have been designed to the highest standards to accommodate all types of documents in a safe, secure and efficient manner and are ideal for customers who want a fully managed off-site physical document storage and archiving solution.


Digitally capture your important documents and data.

We have the ability to intelligently capture documents, to find and capture data to make it readily accessible and available for processing.

Once a document is scanned, data can be found, extracted and used. Furthermore, all text can be converted to a searchable format for easy and intelligent referencing.


Immediate electronic access to your off-site stored documents.

One of the challenges companies that outsource their document storage face is gaining access to specific files when they are not physically on hand. But Scan On Demand services can negate any possible frustration, and enhance accessibility, cost efficiency and the overall service experience.

Benefits are both internal and external, with great cost efficiency, secure access anywhere and faster response times.


Dedicated PO Box to process your mail and distribute it securely.

As we are working from home, it is essential that mail gets to the correct recipient and is processed in a timely manner. However throughout the mail’s journey from sender to recipient there are a number of risks, including the mail being lost, losing traceability or being accessed by unauthorised employees.

Kefron offers a number of solutions to eliminate these risks, no matter what format the mail is. Whether it is physical only, physical to digital or through a mail management system, Kefron’s solutions will give you peace of mind and confidence when it comes to your company's Mail management.


A secure portal to store your digital documents available to all staff wherever they are working.

Do you need an easier alternative to expensive and complicated document management systems?

Kefron DM is our hosted, ready to go, purpose-built Document Management solution that securely captures and hosts digital objects and documents.

With the ability to extract key data, Kefron DM enables faster access to your documentation.

Our solution also makes all documents text-searchable enabling easy online storage, search and retrieval based on structured and unstructured index criteria. Our extraction function can extract key data for onward processing and record-keeping.


Pure invoice automation solution that delivers super accurate, adaptable and easy-to-use accounts payable invoice automation.

Kefron AP provides automated invoice data capture, coding and approval workflow, PO creation and 2-way or 3-way matching. Kefron AP supports multiple document types - first generation pdfs and scanned invoices, multiple entities, currencies and languages as well as multiple business rules.

Time-saving and cost control are more important than ever during the Covid-19 crisis, finance leaders and managers need to think about how strategic cost optimisation can take place without damaging their department's ability to function and without risking business recovery.


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