Invoice Capture: Advanced Intelligence

Have you ever considered the length of time it takes your staff to manually key in invoice information?

Kefron AP offers intelligent data extraction and invoice capture automation that eliminates the manual keying of information from the process and significantly decreases errors associated with human touch points.

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AP Automation - Dynamic Data Capture - Data Extraction

What's unique about our Data Extraction?

Discover how invoice automation innovates data extraction process

Dynamic Invoice Capture

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Fast Access to Your Invoices

Kefron AP uses Intelligent technology for invoice capture to convert images into digital text. All invoices are text-searchable enabling easy online storage, search and retrieval based on structured and unstructured index criteria.

E-Tags & Intellitags

Our Machine Learning method of extraction, coupled with 3-step e-tag verification, ensures accurate and efficient AP payments.

Non-template Extraction Methods

Kefron's in-house data extraction team manages your exceptions and frees up your team's time to focus on more value-added tasks.

Flexible Extraction Rules

Kefron AP system fully adapts to your business requirements. A flexible and configurable business rules capability alows to customise workflows based on your current processes.

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Advanced Invoice Capture

  • Smarter
  • Faster
  • Exceptionally Accurate
  • Flexible Extraction Rules
  • Duplicate Checking
  • Accurate Data Exchange

Our software for invoicing automation combines the knowledge of millions of captured historical invoice data with continuous learning of how your business processes invoices. This results in a reduction in exceptions and fast end-to-end invoice processing capabilities.

Fewer exceptions mean faster invoice approval times. While exceptions cannot be eradicated entirely, Kefron AP invoice automation is unique in offering an inhouse data engineering specialist team that will assist with reducing exceptions.

With access to millions of previously scanned invoices, our invoice automation technology model is continuously improving its ability to extract data without manual intervention.

Kefron AP software for invoicing automation extracts any key information from your invoices, including multiple data fields such as reference numbers, site location references and similar information.

Our Kefron AP software for invoicing automation will alert you to any duplicate invoices that you may receive, ensuring your AP team wastes no time in processing the same invoice. The system automatically filters duplicates from your work queue so you don’t have to.

Kefron AP has the ability to sync with any accounting software by simply exchanging information directly with your systems and eliminates the need to rekey information. Our system mirrors all the figured codes such as Suppliers, GLs, etc. in your finance system to ensure consistency in your transactions.

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What is invoice capture?

Invoice capture refers to the process of using technology to automatically extract data from invoices received in various formats, such as paper documents, PDFs, or electronic invoices. This technology converts the information into a digital format for easier processing in accounts payable systems.

What is data extraction in invoice processing?

Data extraction in invoice processing involves the use of technology to automatically identify and retrieve key information from invoices, such as vendor details, invoice numbers, dates, and amounts. This process converts information from various invoice formats into structured data for easier processing and analysis.

Can data extraction handle invoices in different languages or currencies?

es, advanced data extraction solutions are capable of processing invoices in multiple languages and currencies, making them suitable for global businesses dealing with international suppliers.

How does the invoice data extraction feature work?

The data extraction feature utilises advanced algorithms and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to identify, extract, and interpret key information from invoices, such as vendor details, dates, invoice numbers, and amounts. This automated process minimises manual entry and improves data accuracy.

Can the invoice capture feature integrate with existing financial software?

Yes, the invoice capture and data extraction feature is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing financial and accounts payable software. This integration facilitates the smooth transfer of data into your financial system for immediate processing and reconciliation.

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