Extraction Analytics

Facilitate collaboration with suppliers to ensure the documents they provide are accurate and legible, leveraging extraction analytics to assess and enhance the quality of incoming documents.

Incorporating extraction analytics into the Kefron AP system optimises extraction rates of our dynamic data capture tool, thus minimising the data processing workload of your team by improving the accuracy and efficiency of document processing.

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Extraction dashboard - AP Automation

First Look

Take a few minutes to watch this video for an overview of the Extraction Analytics Dashboard.

Analytics Made Easy

  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Full Visibility
  • Touchless Processing
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Data Export
  • Detailed Insights

Accelerate processing

Understanding the root cause of bottlenecks by identifying repeat offenders can significantly reduce the time it takes to process invoices.

Extraction efficiency

Acquire visibility into the number of documents processed, the required and extracted fields, and the number of documents requiring manual input.

Reduce Manual Input

Identify problem areas to increase the automated extraction rate by working with suppliers on improving the documents they send you.

Advanced Filtering

Streamline the process of locating relevant data and gathering information to enable more efficient decision-making by quickly identifying and sorting information.

Choose your format

A variety of export types to choose from, ranging from file formats such as CSV to more visual formats that best suit your needs.

Dynamic Data Capture Technology

Kefron AP provides multiple dashboards for a comprehensive view of invoice data, enabling your AP team to optimise invoice processing for expedited payments.

Extraction Dashboard - AP Automation - Invoice Automation 2


What is extraction analytics in the context of invoice processing?

Extraction analytics refers to the process of using advanced data analysis tools to evaluate and improve the performance of automated data extraction from invoices. This involves tracking accuracy rates, processing times, and identifying areas for enhancement in the extraction process.

How does the Extraction Analytics Dashboard benefit businesses?

The Extraction Analytics Dashboard provides businesses with critical insights into their invoice processing efficiency. By analysing data extraction performance, companies can pinpoint inefficiencies, monitor trends over time, and make informed decisions to optimise their accounts payable processes.

How does the dashboard improve invoice data extraction accuracy?

By providing detailed analytics on extraction performance, the dashboard helps businesses identify specific areas where errors occur. This allows for targeted improvements in data capture techniques, ultimately enhancing overall accuracy.

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