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Reduce Invoice Processing Cost

Explore how transitioning to Invoice automation could significantly decrease your invoice processing costs.

Why Automate?

  • Strengthen Supplier Relations
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Prevent Fraudulent Activity
  • Reconcile Payments in Minutes
  • Connect your Finance System

Self-Service Portal

Our Self-service portal empowers suppliers to manage their invoice requests and gain insight into invoice progress.

Suppliers can log-in to view progress of specific outstanding invoices, log or answer queries, and avoid having to make calls.

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Touchless invoice process

Our in-house Dynamic Data Capture technology provides exceptionally accurate data extraction for a touch free payment process that makes AP Invoice Automation solution a no-brainer.

Custom Workflows

Receive in-app notifications of discrepancies unique to your business including missing information for stringent verification.

Supplier Statement Reconciliation

Digitally cross-reference payments and statements on-screen to easily and quickly minimise payment errors.

ERP Integration

With full integration to a range of accounting systems, you can be sure that your finance tech stack works in harmony for efficient payments.

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