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  3. - Examples of how scanning has revolutionised businesses.

  4. - Key factors to consider for effective and cost-efficient scanning.

  5. -Guidelines for selecting a vendor with the right expertise and technology.

Document Scanning Guide - IRE

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Document Scanning Guide - IRE

Stress-free Document Scanning

Finance Document

Maximise Office Space

Capture Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on documents of any kind and make it easier to facilitate Data subject rights under GDPR.


Increase Efficiency

So you can easily keep track and organise your data. By automating your business processes, you can drive efficiency and increase productivity in your organisation

Compliance Scanning

100% Accuracy

Kefron can intelligently capture information, extract it using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and feed the data into the next stage of your business process


Easy Online Access

Allow for your information to be instantly emailed or viewed concurrently by a number of authorised users to support data privacy and GDPR compliance.


Specialised Advice And Support

Our wealth of industry knowledge providing commercial document scanning services allows tailoring our services to your unique data capture needs.

Client Document

Centralised Records Management

With custom indexation, you can easily search and find records with one click. Start your digital transformation journey by storing your digitally captured documents in a secure, purpose-built, searchable repository.

Member of The Association for Intelligent Information Management

As a member of AIIM International, Kefron gains exclusive access to invaluable resources in Automation, Security, Governance, and Analytics. We leverage this expertise to offer our customers advanced, business-enhancing solutions.

Aiim - Document scanning guide

Mastering Document Scanning

Your Essential Digitalisation Guide

Unlock the secrets of efficient document scanning! Our detailed Buyer’s Guide, filled with insightful data and easy-to-understand tips, simplifies your journey to effective document management. Explore the realms of quick digitization, accurate data extraction, and enhanced document accessibility.

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Document Scanning Guide