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Did you know you can use Kefron AP to digitise any type of Documents not just invoices?

Imagine having access to every word on every page in every file in your business at the touch of a button?

With Kefron AP that's exactly what you can have.

Simply e-mail or scan any document into the Kefron AP system and a digital searchable layer is applied on that document, this means any word on any page of your documents can be searched and the document will be instantly retrieved.


We work with customers who store everything from job cards, work orders, delivery documents, medical records, contracts, process documents and much more. Ultimately any document you have can be recorded in a digital storage repository in your existing Kefron AP platform.

Looking through boxes, storage units and filing cabinets is incredibly expensive, time consuming and especially now, not practical.

Our solution can be delivered in an incredibly cost effective, efficient manner and it will reduce your document retrieval cost by up to 99%.

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