Our customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Our reputation is built on our commitment to building closer relationships with our customers. We take pride in pleasing our customers by getting things right.

It is our belief that through mutual inspiration, learning and collaboration, we can build closer more valuable relationships with our customers. This will allow us to become a preferred supplier in our markets, achieving true differentiation and a sustainable future.

Our mission is to get closer to our customers. See the need, deliver the solution.


Using the formula shown below, we were able to calculate that our NPS score is 77.24. This is an exceptional score that highlights our commitment to customer satisfaction and to ensuring we consistently deliver for our clients.


In order to better understand our customers needs and how we can improve our services for them, we regularly carry out Customer Satisfaction surveys to ensure we know what we are doing well and where we can improve. The most recent survey was completed in December 2019.

Along with understanding our customer’s satisfaction level with the company, one of the principle goals of the survey was to determine our Net Promoter Score (NPS), an index that measures a customer’s willingness to recommend a product/service to someone else. Customers are asked to score us out of 10 and the higher the score we receive, the better.

Measure, evaluate and build customer loyalty

The system recognises that measuring customer satisfaction isn’t enough, companies must understand how loyal their customers are in order to better gauge how happy they are. Effective customer satisfaction surveys will also inform you on what areas the company can improve on.

Increase customer satisfaction

You can track customer happiness using NPS from one survey to the next by seeing if the strategies you’ve implementing inbetween surveys has effected customer satisfaction postively or negatively.

Create more customer advocates

Using NPS regularly means you can see if you’re creating more customer advocates or losing them. Successful businesses leverage customer advocates to spread positive word of mouth and send referral leads.

Drive revenue growth and boost customer lifetime value

NPS can allow you to generate more promoters for your business. Promoters are can be a powerful tool for a business; they often stay with a company for a long period of time and they account for 80-90% of referrals. More promoters mean more referrals. Simple.

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