Bulk scanning is ideal when undertaking a scanning project for the first time where a large amount of information needs to be captured.

Our Scanning services result in:

  • Improved productivity as less time is spent searching for documents
  • Information can be shared freely within an organisation, or externally to clients
  • Internal processes can be streamlined and manual processes can be eliminated
  • A full audit of your historical documents
  • Compliance with specific legislation as our scanning service supports an organised file management structure
  • Future proofing your organisation to allow electronic access of previous hard copy records
  • Good disaster recovery planning as scanned images can be backed up for safe keeping


You may have volumes of documents containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and you don’t even know it. HR records, memberships, customer records, contracts and so on are all likely candidates.

Our scanning and capture service enables you to easily find records that contain PII such as names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Once found, documents and data can be properly managed for GDPR compliance and the rights of the data subject such as the right to be forgotten, right to access and data portability can be readily complied with. In addition, PII can be extracted and converted to text searchable formats if required for GDPR compliance.

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